Managing your social media event marketing can become overwhelming, fast. But you shouldn’t have to spend hours each day switching between six social networks to promote your event. In fact, the most effective way to drive ticket sales through social media might be by using fewer social networks — not all of them.

An effective social media strategy for your event takes advantage of the networks that can drive the most ticket sales. The key is to understand which network your potential attendees are most likely to use. That way, you can make an impact in minutes, not hours.

To help you choose which network to prioritize for your event, we turned to the experts at Buffer. Buffer is a social media management platform used by more than 3 million people.

Take this six-question quiz for Buffer’s expert advice on which social network is best to market to your potential attendees.

Now that you’ve figured out which network is best for you, find out how to master it. Get the definitive guide to social media for events here.