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  • Customizable
    Registration Process

    Learn more about your attendees. Survey your attendees' day-of-event preferences, such as a class or workshop selection. Request their job title, website, or any other custom field to better understand your audience.

  • Easy Membership

    Offer your members a special registration price through membership validation. Easily import membership lists, create discounts, and offer flexible pricing based on who's registering.

  • Simple Pricing Structure
    and No Hidden Fees

    2.5% + $.99 per registration

    We'll never charge more than $9.95 per registrant. No set-up fees, no contracts, and best of all, Eventbrite is free for free events!

  • Scalability & Reliability for
    Events, Large and Small

    With our 24/7, round-the-clock support, we will always be there. Eventbrite is a stable and stress-tested platform, easily managing high levels of traffic with consistent up time.

  • More Social,
    More Revenue

    Let your attendees be your event broadcasters. Through our social media integration, each Facebook share on Eventbrite results in an average of $4.15 in future purchases for conference events.

  • Social media empowers event organizers to reach their audience at little cost and enables event attendees to market your event for you. Get Eventbrite's free britepaper and learn how to leverage the power of social media!


Why Eventbrite?

"Fishbone sells sponsorships for a number of conferences that use Eventbrite, so when it came time to organize our first conference, it was a natural pick. Eventbrite's interface is comprehensive yet easy. Its customer service, with a local, dedicated account rep, is impeccable. And because it caps its fees, Eventbrite makes as much sense for a high-dollar business conference like ours as it does for less expensive community events. Thumbs up, five stars, and we'll be back."

"Eventbrite has streamlined the registration process for our professional organization and has helped us share information about our events, resulting in a significant increase in program participation. The tool is intuitive and easy to use and customer support is exceptional. We consider Eventbrite a key component of our growth strategy for 2012."

Nathan James
CEO, Fishbone Marketing
Organizer, ShareLikeBuy: Marketing+Millennials

Carol R. Selvey
ACHE (American College of Healthcare Executives)
Program Chair, Western Florida Chapter