This is a guest post by Megan O’Neill, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Animoto.

In 2018, 95% of events that used video said it was effective. Yet 57% of events still aren’t using video, according to Eventbrite’s 2019 Pulse Report.

Video offers a world of opportunity when it comes to marketing events, but getting started may feel daunting. What type of videos should you make? How can you create them? Do you need to hire a professional?

In my work at Animoto, I work to help businesses of all kinds understand how to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. I’ve found that successful examples are one of the best ways to inspire ideas and jumpstart video creation.  Here’s a collection of event video examples (including several customizable templates that you can easily make your own), to inspire you with ideas for promoting your own events with video.

Videos to share before your event

Let’s start at the beginning. Your use of video can begin as soon as you begin promoting your event. Video is a great way to really show people what they can expect from your event. Including photos and video clips from previous events, or to illustrate what’s to come, can inspire excitement and fear of missing out, leading to more registrations.

Ticket launch

Here’s an example of a ticket launch video that you can actually customize to make your own. It was crafted to build awareness and excitement.

PRO TIP: You’ll notice that this example not only includes video footage of performers, but also pictures of attendees and their families having a good time. This mix is effective because it gives potential registrants an idea of the lineup they can expect, while also showcasing the fun atmosphere that the event offers.

Pre-event announcement

Following your ticket launch, new details about your event are likely to emerge. Perhaps a new speaker or performer has joined your lineup. Perhaps new vendors have come on board. Video is a nice way to share these updates, as illustrated in this example that is also a template you can use for your event.

PRO TIP: You know your audience better than anyone. Before creating this type of video, ask yourself what updates your attendees would be the most excited about. Put those at the beginning of your video to capture viewers’ attention.

Event reminder with FAQ

You’ve probably got an FAQ about your event on your website. But for attendees that don’t want to search for answers, a video can be a fun way to share answers to the most common questions about your event: When does registration begin? Where should they go and when? Are there any special hashtags or themes they should be aware of? Here’s another example you can make your own.

PRO TIP: Again, you know your audience best. What are the top questions you hear from them? Be sure to include the answer to those questions early in your video.

Videos to share during your event

If you’ve caught the video bug following your pre-event marketing, sharing a few videos during your event can be a fun way to keep the momentum going. Short videos for social media showcasing what’s going on during your event can serve a few purposes:

  • It can give attendees something to share with their friends to show where they are, what they’re doing, and help spread the word about your event
  • It can inspire attendees to respond with shining testimonials you can use in your event marketing next time
  • It can help inspire fear of missing out (FOMO) among folks that weren’t able to make it next year and ensure they don’t miss out the next time

If it sounds like a lot of work to be creating videos during your event, it’s important to note that your attendees may be doing the legwork for you. Keep an eye on social media and look for videos posted on your event hashtag (if you’ve got one), tagging your event, or posted at the location of your event. Simply share these videos on your event social profiles (giving credit to the creator, of course).

If you’re interested in going above and beyond and creating and sharing your own videos, they don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to create. Here’s a super simple video created to showcase an inspiring quote from photographer and educator Sue Bryce at Animoto’s Social Video Marketing Summit last year.

PRO TIP: Hold on to the videos you share during your event. The footage you shoot could come in handy for event recaps or marketing for your next event. For inspiration, check out this list of 7 shots to capture for your event.

Videos to share after your event

Video can help your event live on, even after the attendees have gone home. Use video footage and photos you shot during the event or, as we mentioned above, bolster it with footage and photos shot by event attendees and shared to social media, to create a recap of what went down. It’ll give attendees the chance to relive the excitement and those that couldn’t attend the strengthened desire to attend next time.

You can also repackage content from your event in video form. If you have performers, isolate individual performances and upload them to YouTube or share them on your social profiles. If you have speakers, edit their content to create educational videos.

Here’s an example of a video created from footage of speaker Andrea Vahl at Animoto’s International Women’s Day Summit, Social Marketing for Women in Business.

PRO TIP: When creating videos to share to social media, keep the platform in mind. You’ll find that different formats perform better on different social media sites. We’ve compiled some social media tips by platform to help you out.

Getting started with event videos

Armed with inspiration and ready to dive into creating videos for your next event? Download The 2019 Guide to Video Marketing for Events and head over to Animoto to learn more about how to use the video templates tailored for Eventbrite customers. Happy video making!

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