Calling all entrepreneurs, trendsetters, and innovators! Eventbrite’s RECONVENE Accelerator provides direct support to emerging creators who build community and shape culture.

Are you ready to take your community to the next level?
JUNE 6 | Application Deadline

Meet the Mentors

To guide our first Accelerator class, we’ve enlisted a panel of seasoned creators and curators, the minds behind some of the event series that inspire us most. They’ll help select our winners and provide mentorship as the winners plan their event series.

Elyse Fox

Founder and CEO, Sad Girls Club


Founder, Todo Verde

Duy Nguyen & Mike Pak

Founders, Koreatown Run Club & Love Hour

Dj Skee

DJ, TV Host & Entrepreneur

  • $10,000 award to launch
    your first event
  • Specialized coaching to help guide your project
    including workshops with Eventbrite executives, marketing experts, product specialists, and
    our industry insiders
  • Peer-to-peer networking
    and introductions to top event creators around the country

Selection Process

A total of five winners will be selected to participate in the Accelerator program. Two winners will be decided by a public vote, and three winners will be hand-picked by our Mentors.
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Who Should Apply?

RECONVENE Accelerator is built to support all different kinds of events — music, art, fitness, culinary — you name it. Whether or not you’ve ever hosted an event, you may be a great fit for the program. We’re looking for hustlers, innovators, and trendsetters who are passionate about bringing people together to create or nurture a community.

If you’re interested in building or growing an events business and are ready to get things off the ground, then RECONVENE Accelerator is for you!

Application Criteria

We are focusing on emerging creators to help unlock access and nurture new ideas.
To apply, you should be:

  • An independent creator (not representing a corporation, ex: a sole proprietor, small business with <10 employees, or a 501(c)(3) organization)

  • Pitching a brand new event series

  • Hosting a paid, ticketed event

  • Based in the United States, pitching an event series taking place within the US or online

  • 18 years of age or older

Evaluation Criteria

As we choose our finalists, we’ll evaluate event concepts based on the following criteria:

Cultivating Community

  • Serves a specific community (communities can be based on geography, interest, industry, identity, etc.)

  • Presents a clear and positive benefit to participants (ex. educational enrichment, fostering social connection, developing skills, offering networking opportunities, etc.)

  • Creator demonstrates a history of working with their intended audience


Presents a new, unique, or innovative approach to:

  • Event concept or format

  • Participation or accessibility

  • Bringing communities together

  • Attendee benefit or takeaway


  • Defined project plan and goals

  • Clear opportunity for repetition or iteration

  • Detailed and appropriate budget


To submit your application, fill out the application by clicking “Apply Now” and be ready to provide the following:

  • Answer all questions in the form clearly and in detail

  • Provide an itemized budget for how you will invest the $10,000

  • Include a headshot to be used on our voting page if you are selected as a finalist

  • Optional: Submit a short video showing us who you are, who your community is, and how you plan to bring them together with an impactful event

Important Dates

JUN 06
JUN 21
JUN 21-29
JUL 14
AUG 1 - 12
OCT 31
deadline to host your event