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At Eventbrite, we enable experience creators worldwide to play a part in producing the antidote to social isolation as agents of change.

Our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report outlines how we strive to live our company values. This includes launching The Social Connection Project to help people feel less isolated, advocating for small businesses, connecting our vibrant and diverse creator community in new ways, and reducing our carbon emissions as a company.

It’s because of our mission and the way we operate as corporate citizens that we are uniquely positioned to bring people and communities together in meaningful ways while building long-term value for our shareholders.

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2022 Corporate

We believe in the power of connection to create a better world. Our first Corporate Responsibility Report highlights our progress toward our social, corporate governance, and environmental (ESG) priorities.

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Social Connection

Connecting our Communities

Connection is in Eventbrite’s DNA and is more important than ever.
Social Connection

The Social Connection Project

The Social Connection Project is our program to increase social interaction and decrease social isolation by transforming how we connect at live events.
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The Social Connection Project harnesses the unique power of Eventbrite’s creators to spark connection and cultivate community. Together we are shaping the future of live events to create a world with more meaningful social connection.”
— Julia Hartz, CEO, Eventbrite
Economic impact
Economic impact


Eventbrite makes it easier for creative entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow their businesses. We bring together a diverse creator community in the spirit of mentorship, skillsharing, and fostering deeper connections through our innovative RECONVENE program. 
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Eventbrite has really gone above and beyond to create a safe space for a very diverse group of event organizers to come together and support one another.”
— Xavier Henderson, Founder, SoulfulOfNoise
Economic impact

Eventbrite Advocacy

Eventbrite Advocacy brings creators and consumers together to champion public policies supporting event creators and live events. We amplify our voices on legislative and regulatory efforts in order to help creators host one-of-a-kind live experiences, grow their businesses, and make positive impacts in their communities.
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Image of a group of Britelings

Connecting our People

We create an inspiring employee experience that opens our employees, who we call Britelings, to the world around them and connects them to one another and to our mission, regardless of their work location. We support all of our Britelings across the world and their loved ones through all phases of life, offering robust benefits including financial, physical, and mental wellness options. We also know that we make our greatest impact when we are empowering each other, and our global team of Britelings celebrates diversity in every form.
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Women employees
Senior leaders are BIPOC (U.S.)
BIPOC employees (U.S.)
Senior leaders are women
Eventbrite data as of 4/1/23. BIPOC includes employees who self-identify as American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic, or two or more races. Senior leaders hold a senior director or above title.
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Inc. Magazine’s Best Led Companies List
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Gathering is core to the human experience. So that we all have a sustainable environment in which to gather, we need to care for our planet. Reducing emissions is an important component of combating climate change, but there’s still too much carbon in the air. Eventbrite aims to support and devote resources to carbon-removal projects to help advance the solutions the world needs to reach net zero.
Corporate governance

Living Good Governance

Our commitment to building a long-lasting company starts at the top with our Board of Directors, who oversee our business on behalf of our shareholders. Our Board is diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced with a variety of skills and backgrounds. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors is responsible for, and has oversight over, Eventbrite’s ESG efforts under its committee charter.
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Privacy and Data Protection are the foundation for trust

We also believe that privacy and data protection are the foundation for trust. We are proud that nearly 800,000 creators trust Eventbrite to power their events.
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