The Industry’s Most Powerful Event Marketing Platform

The Industry’s Most Powerful Event Marketing Platform

Eventbrite empowers event creators to be experience makers with cutting-edge event marketing tools and technology.

Eventbrite Boost. A New Age in Event Marketing.

The only all-in-one event marketing platform built to help you reach and engage new customers, drive event registration, and sell more tickets.

Reach the right people, with the right message

A smarter digital event marketing management solution makes it easy to find, target, and communicate the right value proposition messaging to the right audience at the right time.

Sell more tickets with smarter, data-driven decision making

Increase ticket sales and your loyal following with advanced event marketing and promotion tools — powered by exclusive Eventbrite insights.

Start advertising on more digital channels to sell to a wider audience, including social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Save time and resources with automated event marketing software

Streamline your event planning and marketing workflows while eliminating the manual processes that can bog you down.

Spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time creating engaging digital event marketing campaigns and event listings that convert prospects to attendees.

Strengthen your event marketing plan and results with Eventbrite Boost

The only all-in-one event marketing platform — built on Eventbrite’s 15 years of industry-leading experience — Eventbrite Boost is strategically designed to address creators’ biggest pain points — and help you host unforgettable parties, concerts, industry trade shows, corporate conferences, and more.

Get the word out with our built-in event marketing solution

Get the word out with our built-in event marketing solution

What is event marketing?

Date published/ June 16, 2020

Events are multi-sensory experiences that engage a target audience on a deeper level when compared to other types of marketing channels.
Event marketing is the process of planning, promoting, and hosting an in-person (or virtual) experience with your audiences to build brand awareness for a product, service, organization, or cause.
Providing a unique or memorable interaction helps to form a favorable impression and lasting connection with attendees, as well as nurture and grow your following, and compel ticket buying decisions.

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  • “Eventbrite cut down check-in time by about 66%. There are no lines at the door and nobody is frustrated.”

    — Gabriella Graceffa-Bunker, EA to the President of Whole Foods NA

  • “With Eventbrite, it’s just easy. Whether I’m sitting at my desk or on site at a festival, I can access everything on Eventbrite.”

    — Donnie Estopinal, CEO & Founder

  • “The ticket sales process is a lot easier and the check-in process has become seamless.”

    — Pete Torres, Director of the Tribeca Film Festival

  • “Working with Eventbrite has helped us sell more tickets. Anyone who’s as data obsessed as I am will absolutely love Eventbrite’s backend.”

    — Vicki McMurchie, Senior Operations Manager

  • “Eventbrite has helped us so much...they really seem to care about our company and the success of it.”

    — Kate Levenstien, founder and CEO of Cannonball Productions

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