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Innovative Ticketing and Registration Solutions for Workshops

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Eventbrite’s industry-leading event
technology powers unforgettable workshop experiences

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    Set up and launch your workshop in no time

    Effortlessly create a workshop event page that delights attendees with a seamless event experience, from online registration, through check-in, and everything in between.

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    Amplify your reach and audience engagement

    Eventbrite Boost provides a wealth of built-in promotional tools and templates you can use to increase traffic to your workshop page, conversions, attendance, and repeat business.

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    Grow your sales for your workshop organization

    Cultivate your business with a comprehensive event management platform that is continuously evolving based on real-world workshop planning experiences from creators like you.

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How to organize a workshop that leaves a lasting impression

Eventbrite empowers creators of all sizes and industries with new design ideas and insights, customizable templates, and proven best practices. Seamlessly plan, promote, and create a workshop that will be unforgettable.

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Cutting-edge technology for next-level workshop planning

With the variety of moving parts to juggle when learning how to organize a workshop, we’re hard at work ensuring that all of your bases are covered. Our comprehensive event management software brings it all together for you in a single platform.

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Smarter workshop planning powered by well-informed decision-making

Our event management knowledge base features a diverse suite of design templates, planning workflows, digital layout programs, and more to help you create a workshop that stands out from the competition. End-to-end workshop planning solutions are sure to boost your traffic, online registrations, ticket sales, and more.

Be inspired by new ideas and best practices from experts

Winning workshop marketing strategies

Whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience with workshop planning, our comprehensive tip sheet will help you build out a smarter strategy. We’ve included helpful ideas, templates, and layout design examples to get you started on your path to create a workshop for the ages.

Workshop activity ideas that perfectly blend learning and fun

While it’s important to create a workshop that provides attendees with professional development curriculum, there’s plenty of room for personally engaging options, such as a wellness workshop. These leadership workshop activity ideas will inspire you to strike the right balance between strategy and play throughout your event.

How to create a successful virtual workshop

Eventbrite's virtual event platform features a full suite of innovative ideas, customizable templates, and other valuable resources. Plan, promote, and host a virtual workshop that delivers comparable value to in-person workshops.

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Take a test drive. See how to organize a workshop.

We’ve created a series of short demo videos that will show you how we’re making it easier to create, promote, manage, and do more with your workshops.

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Get free workshop planning resources

New to workshop planning? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with innovative ideas, intuitive templates, and layout design examples throughout a variety of how-to articles for workshop organizers like you.

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Get in touch with us

Hosting a virtual workshop for the first time? Unsure how to organize a workshop that provides the right agenda for your attendees? Schedule an informal chat with one of our seasoned event experts.