The Best Online Event Payment System on the Market

The Best Online Event Payment System on the Market

Eventbrite’s industry-leading event payment platform gives organizers the tools to quickly and easily collect money for an event.

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Earn more revenue with our leading digital event payment system

Today’s events space has gone digital, changing the payment system that events are using— from in-person money collection to online payment processing.

You can stay ahead of the digital curve and delight your guests with a seamless online registration experience, powered by Eventbrite’s future-forward event payment processing software.

Easily accept credit card transactions with a simple scan and collect money for an event in days with innovative event management software that delivers greater efficiencies and removes unneeded stress. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Earn more revenue with our leading digital event payment systemcustom play button

Stay ahead of the curve with a modernized online event payment workflow

Whether you are organizing conferences, non-profit events, pop-up events or job fairs, the current digital marketplace requires a state-of-the-art event payment system to be successful.

Eventbrite is just that. And more. We are empowering organizers to make a powerful first impression with a sleek and secure event payment system, customizable event tickets, and gorgeous event pages that look great on any smart device.

Start converting attendees to evangelists with an efficient, user-friendly event payment system that drives greater customer satisfaction.



Launch your event with an advanced online payment system in minutes

Set up your event in minutes and start collecting payment from the purchase of online tickets faster than ever with greater flexibility and control of your money collection services and payment tracking capabilities.

Eventbrite’s digital tools and mobile-friendly technology also provide the best way to process payments at a live event — to easily accept credit card transactions with a simple scan.



Offer the right mix of ticket types

Data-driven decision-making is central to the success of every event planning workflow. Eventbrite provides deeper insights to help ensure you’re offering the optimal variety of ticket types and a simplified and secure process for money collection.



Sell more tickets by amplifying your reach

Launch your new event payment system in just minutes, deploy powerful online marketing and social media campaigns with Eventbrite Boost, and start generating new revenue in no time with more traffic and conversions.

Once your event is live, you can leverage Eventbrite’s streamlined integrations to share to leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What is a payment system for events?

Date published/ June 16, 2020

A payment system for events is any system used to facilitate financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value — in exchange for entry to an event.
A payment processing system for events encompasses the event organizers, companies, and non-profit organizations, as well as the instruments, customers, procedures, standards, and technologies that make its exchange possible.
Modern event payment systems are primarily located online, serving as a central component of today’s digital marketplace.
Processors utilize cash substitutes to collect money online, as compared to traditional in-person transactions. Secure online event ticket transactions can be completed using debit cards, credit cards, electronic funds transfers, direct credits, direct debits, and e-commerce payment systems.

Which payment systems does Eventbrite accept?

Date published/ June 16, 2020

The Eventbrite Payment Processing system is our advanced event payment gateway. Our direct deposit functionality is the easiest way for event organizers to collect money online while providing a seamless and efficient online purchase experience. Customers never need to leave Eventbrite or your website to complete their event payment online in minutes with a two-click transaction at checkout.
PayPal may also be used if you have previously set it up as your online payment processor. It provides the option to set up online event payment for countries and currencies where Eventbrite Payment Processing isn't available. is only available for events that take payments in US dollars or Canadian dollars.

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    — Gabriella Graceffa-Bunker, EA to the President of Whole Foods NA

  • “With Eventbrite, it’s just easy. Whether I’m sitting at my desk or on site at a festival, I can access everything on Eventbrite.”

    — Donnie Estopinal, CEO & Founder

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    — Pete Torres, Director of the Tribeca Film Festival

  • “Working with Eventbrite has helped us sell more tickets. Anyone who’s as data obsessed as I am will absolutely love Eventbrite’s backend.”

    — Vicki McMurchie, Senior Operations Manager

  • “Eventbrite has helped us so much...they really seem to care about our company and the success of it.”

    — Kate Levenstien, founder and CEO of Cannonball Productions

Event payment software that works with your budget

Pick the package that's right for you.


Easy-to-use event technology for any budget

Fee per paid ticket: 2% + $0.79

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: 1


A powerful solution to boost sales and grow your business

Fee per paid ticket: 3.5% + $1.59

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: Unlimited


Tailored partnerships for large and complex events

Fee per paid ticket: Custom Pricing

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: Unlimited

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Innovative event technology to efficiently collect money online



Sell more tickets in the leading online event marketplace

Eventbrite's industry-leading online ticketing platform provides all the tools and technology event organizers need to sell out their live experiences.

With our innovative event technology, you can start registering your guests for free. Guide them through a user-friendly journey on your event website, from the online event registration form to check-in.

See how easy it is to sell tickets online



Easily create custom tickets with a suite of self-service solutions

Templated ticket design capabilities and integrated digital marketing tools will help convert browsers to buyers. Your event tickets, featuring automated QR codes at registration, also make the contactless check-in process quick and easy for attendees when they arrive at your event.

Discover the advantages of customized tickets



Register your event in minutes and kickstart your event payment workflow

Eventbrite's comprehensive event planning toolkit provides everything you need to post your eventcreate event tickets, and enable RSVP ticketing on your event pages or through the Eventbrite mobile app.

Become an event planning pro

Discover how Eventbrite's event payment system enhances your customer’s online buying experience — and your method to collect money for an event.