You spent hours on your event promotions, crafting the perfect email and social copy. But your ticket sales are in a slump, and you need to revamp your promotions — again.

Feel like you’ve used up all your best ideas? Look no further than what’s right under your nose: your event venue.  

Whether you’re planning a concert or a fundraiser, your venue is a major part of your event’s appeal. Even if your venue isn’t the main attraction, you can still highlight it in your marketing materials to catch the eye of anyone who is on the fence about attending.

Here’s how to use your event venue in your marketing, from email blasts to social copy.

Elevate your venue in your email event marketing

Email  is a great place to highlight your venue. With a few changes to your existing email copy, you can make a big impact on how appealing your venue seems to potential attendees.

Let’s consider an 80’s roller skating night at a San Francisco club. Here’s part of a typical email they might send:

Club Downtown is turning the clock back next Friday with a special roller disco night, complete with an ‘80s soundtrack and free glow stick necklaces for the first 100 in line!

Show up in your best 80s gear and sweat it out at a raucous jazzercise class for the whole club, led by the infamous Ms. Matchstick herself.

Overall, this is the foundation for a solid email. However, an event like this is all about ambiance. If Club Downtown really want to take us back in time, they can make a few small changes to the second paragraph of this email to really make this event the place to be.

“Jazzercise the night away with the infamous Ms. Matchstick under the eaves of San Francisco’s oldest gay bar – transformed with the help of enough neon lights to outshine the moon.”

Even if your venue doesn’t have a historical pedigree, you can still call attention to what makes your venue special:

“… with the infamous Ms. Matchstick under a canopy of neon lights and a view to rival the Salesforce tower.”

“…with the infamous Ms. Matchstick inside our specially-made neon light jungle.”

“…with the infamous Ms. Matchstick under the glow of neon lights and the bone-shaking bass of our 360-degree speaker system.”

The takeaway: Why do you love your venue? Use the answer to craft your email event copy.

Let your venue do the talking in your social posts

At their best, social posts are snappy and fun while still providing essential information. It can be difficult to convey what’s great about your venue in such limited space, but with some smart social media strategies, this can be achieved with finesse.

Let’s return to our roller disco example:

Hey #sanfrancisco! Tired of this century? Disco your cares away at our special 80s roller derby night, Friday @ 8pm. [ticket link]

To take full advantage of the marketing power of your event venue, all you have to do is add a simple phrase pulled from your promo emails:

Hey #sanfrancisco! Tired of this century? Disco your cares away under a canopy of neon lights at our special 80s roller disco night, this Friday @ 8pm. [ticket link]

The takeaway: The best way to craft the perfect post that conveys the charm of your venue is to get everything down to the bare bones. Use this formula:

Date // Time // Why do you love your venue? // Ticket link (in the tweet or in your profile bio)

Once you have your copy written, use these ideas to market your venue in your social media posts:

  • Instagram: Snag those last-minute attendees with a photo of your venue prepped for the party. Since Instagram allows posts with multiple photos now, ditch the old-school photo collage and pick your three best, most high quality, and 1:1 cropped pics to feature.
  • Instagram Stories: Throughout the week leading up to the event, post some fun videos of the staff preparing the decorations, making specialty themed drinks, or some behind-the-scenes footage of your special guests.
  • Twitter: Make a thread, but keep it limited – three connected tweets is plenty. One can be about your special guest, one about the night’s deals, and one about the venue. Or all three can be about the venue if it’s a big draw.
  • Facebook: Post a slightly longer video stringing together any footage you have from your behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories videos. Want something more structured? Check out these templates.

Find a venue worth marketing

Want to snag a venue awesome enough to do the half the work for you? Check out Event Venue Checklist: New Data on the 9 Most Important Venue Selection Criteria.

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