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Transform your events with a game-changing RSVP system

Eventbrite’s free RSVP online tools and technology simplify your event planning and management, ensuring your guests' experience is unforgettable.

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Create a free event RSVP website that attendees love

Eventbrite’s market-leading event technology platform empowers event organizers to be experience makers. While your event RSVP website serves as a central hub where guests can easily RSVP online, it also provides you with all the event planning tools you need to track responses, manage guest lists, and analyze your event performance.

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Provide a seamless RSVP event registration experience

Effortlessly set up your event RSVP ticketing system in just minutes. Then, send online invitations containing a unique trackable RSVP code. Monitor key event registration and RSVP tracking metrics in real-time.

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Launch a free event RSVP website that converts visitors to customers

Easy-to-use online tools power a digital invitation maker that simplifies the customization of your email invitations. Perfect for any of your events, especially wedding invitations and baby shower invitations.

Effortlessly include a free RSVP link within a digital response card for your guest list by selecting "Request RSVP" and our event management software does the rest.



Get the word out. And more people in.

Eventbrite provides the tools and templates to create digital invitations that can be customized for save the dates, wedding day announcements, a baby shower, and more.

Your free RSVP online invitations can include a unique link directing your guests to your event RSVP website with a single click. You can also amplify your reach by enabling guests to also RSVP directly on your events page on Facebook and Instagram.

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Monitor RSVP response card metrics and attendance in real-time

Easily track your promotional campaigns and RSVP system performance with a simple click. Send follow-up communications containing an RSVP deadline or pivot your direct marketing strategy to help drive engagement, click-throughs to your wedding or baby shower website, and attendance.

Managing every step of your event—from online RSVP to check-in—has never been easier

Spend less time sweating the details and more time ensuring unforgettable live experiences for your RSVP attendees with Eventbrite’s all-in-one event technology platform.

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When your guests see how easy it is to RSVP on Eventbrite, you'll grow a loyal following, thanks to online registration software that does all the hard work for you. Our event payment solution is also the best way to collect money for an event, regardless of size or space. Perfect for your wedding website, baby shower website, and more.

  • Boost RSVP attendance with data-driven decision-making

    Utilize the RSVP online tracker to see who's responded, and who hasn’t. New insights illuminate the online buyer's journey, enabling you to pivot your marketing efforts to maximize ROI.

  • Captivate the senses on any mobile device

    A fully responsive mobile event app encourages more meaningful interactions with your RSVP attendees, including wedding guests, baby shower guests, and more.

  • Create a seamless end-to-end experience for your RSVP guests

    Keeping your online RSVP process streamlined using an advanced RSVP website and integrated event planning QR code helps you reach more people, drive ticket sales online, and grow your brand.

  • Convert RSVP engagement into RSVP attendance

    Enabling a simple, stress-free RSVP online process invites more meaningful engagement, helping you grow your events with confidence.

How to perfect your RSVP system

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Formal outreach to your RSVP event guests is not a one-size-fits-all process. Learning and adopting proven best practices for sending event invitations containing RSVP response cards and save the dates will help you inform and excite guests, while also boosting response rates and attendance.

  • When to send RSVP response cards

    1. Best practices suggest sending out online invitations containing a response card to a wedding, baby shower, or other events eight weeks before the event date.

    2. The RSVP reply deadline for guests should be three to four weeks prior to the event date.

  • What to include in the RSVP response card

    1. A blank line for the attendees to fill out their names, as well as the name of their guests.

    2. The RSVP reply due date.

    3. Providing a clear area where guests can indicate that they will be attending or are unable to attend the event.

    4. For events such as weddings, where meal choices are available at reception, entree selections should be included on the RSVP response card.

  • How to address the RSVP response card

    1. Always pre-address and stamp the envelopes of all RSVP mailings.

    2. Consider the formality and style of your event, such as the wedding day. Always address your response card to align with the formality and theme of your event.

    3. Determine the most appropriate return address on your RSVP response card and ensure each includes a postal stamp.

How to RSVP like a pro

Date published/ June 16, 2020

Completing and returning an RSVP response card is not always as simple as it seems. Different RSVP events have different requirements for guests. Here is a short list of what guests should do—and should not do—when completing the RSVP response card for a wedding, baby shower, or any event in between.
Include your title and full name next to the “M” on the RSVP response card. Be sure to include the title and full name of your guest as well. This will ensure that the event organizer and host will have an accurate head-count and can provide a personal name card for you and your guest.
Do not include the names of any uninvited guests on your RSVP response card. You can confirm exactly who the Invited guests are by referencing the names included on the listed on the formal wedding invitation envelope. If the wedding invitation envelope does not indicate a plus one, do not add one to the RSVP.
When selecting your entrée options, be sure to include the name or initials of each guest next to the entree option provided. Include any dietary restrictions or food allergies where it will be noticed by the event organizer or host.
We suggest returning the completed RSVP response card as soon as you can. The earlier, the better. The event organizer will appreciate your promptness.

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Create your event on the world's largest event marketplace at no cost to you. We've got everything you need to sell tickets, manage your events, and grow your business.

  • Flexible ticket types for in-person or online events
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  • Integrated email and social media marketing tools
  • Ability to sell tickets on your own site
  • Seamless attendee checkout experience
  • Payouts before your event happens
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Low fees for your attendees

  • No fees for free events
  • 3.7% + $1.79 service fee per ticket
  • 2.9% payment processing fee per order

Fees are paid by ticket buyers, unless you choose to cover them.

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