Advertise your full events calendar for the price of just one ad with multi-event ads. 

Events are booming. Whether it’s a Chinatown food crawl with NY Adventure Club or California Institute of Integral Studies’ virtual talk on mushrooms and consciousness, your fans have an insatiable appetite for events. 

This is good. But probably, you’re exhausted.

Your schedule is jam-packed: Making sure each event runs smoothly, ensuring your fans have a great experience – and that they leave eager to come back for more. Then there’s marketing. If you have a team (big “if”) – you’re still wearing multiple hats, trying to magically increase the time and budget you have to promote all of your upcoming events.

When you (and your resources) are stretched thin, you’re forced to pick and choose which events to promote, and when. You might only pay for ads when tickets go on sale and then again right before the event. The rest of the time? Crickets — in terms of ads and ticket sales.

Time to put these problems behind you. Multi Event Ads let you market your entire event calendar quickly and effectively. One campaign, one low budget, brought to you by Eventbrite Boost. 

Here’s what Multi Event Ads can do for you:

Publicize your entire event calendar

No more choosing which events deserve your marketing budget. Multi Event Ads put your entire event in the spotlight they deserve. Plus, they’ll be promoted to a targeted group of people proven to be interested in your events. Talk about an unlock: Having a consistent marketing presence helps you build your brand and drive a consistent flow of ticket sales or RSVPs to all of your events.

Spend less time and money on marketing

Advertise your entire event calendar for the price of just one event – as low as $2/day. On top of that, since your Multi Event Ads campaign only needs to be set up once, you win back countless hours. Forget creating individual campaigns for each new event: Your Multi Event Ad campaigns syncs with your event catalogue and auto-populates. 

Be confident your campaigns are up-to-date and running

With Multi Event Ads, you can rest assured that you’re always running the best ads at the best time. Eventbrite Boost refreshes daily with information about your events so that you don’t have to. Whether you add an event for the future or celebrate seeing another through to the finish line, your Multi Event Ads campaign updates. Plus, anytime an event is sold out or cancelled, the event information is removed so you’re only promoting events that need marketing.

Your events are crushing; they don’t have to crush you. With Multi Event Ads, it’s time for less marketing and more sold-out events.

Ready to create your Multi Event Ad?