Let’s face it: If you want potential attendees and sponsors to find out about your festival, it needs to be easily findable through an online search. But to optimize your site for search, the content you post on your site must be consistently excellent. Here are a few long and short-term tips from Andreas Voniatis, Managing Director of the SEO agency Alchemy Viral. Check them out to see how you can create higher-quality content while also improving your SEO.

Short-Term SEO Strategies

1) Keep your content frequent.

Produce content frequently for better SEO. Updating your key pages, publishing blog posts, and increasing the content available in your resource center are just a few things you can do to earn higher rankings. For example, setting a daily to weekly goal for the amount of content you publish to your festival’s site will increase your output and your overall SEO.

2) Invite guests to blog.

Give your site an SEO boost by putting together a guest blogging strategy with media partners. That way, you can build credibility as a writer being featured as a guest blogger – while also building your website’s overall ranking!

“Evaluate sites you’re thinking of guest blogging for. Do they accept any writer? What is the current standard for guest post writing? Do the other guest blog authors have any real credibility? If the answers are positive on all counts, the risk of getting penalized for working with such a site is low,” Andreas says.

3) Recycle, reduce, and reuse.

Producing more content more frequently helps to improve your website’s SEO. One easy way to do this? Repurpose old content! Reusing relevant content is a go-to when optimizing, especially if you’re working on a repeat event. For example: you can cut existing videos into smaller clips for new blog posts or podcasts! These few tips can aid in not only producing additional content…..but also improving your overall SEO.

Long-Term Strategies

1) Keep an eye on author rank.

Google’s search algorithm ranks authors by how often they publish content, where they publish it, and how good their content is. This means a prominent author can help your website and its content receive a higher rank.

Ultimately, building the reputation of a few writers on your team can also increase their ranking, and in turn, your festival website’s SEO.

2) Publish high-quality content.

Maintaining consistent, high-quality content is a key SEO strategy. While content quality can be somewhat subjective, one way to measure it is by looking at originality and relevancy. The closer your content aligns with your audience’s interests, the more likely they are to share, reference, and link to your content. For example, if you’re hosting a yoga festival, creating articles with tips on yoga exercises will be helpful in driving your attendees to your site!
By producing high quality content, finding creative ways to repurpose relevant posts, and featuring credible guest contributors, you can continue improving your site’s SEO. To get more tips on how you can strengthen your SEO and Google ranking, check out the free guide: “The Complete Guide to SEO for Festivals.”

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