Ten new tutorial videos guide you through using Eventbrite to make your next event a smash.

Here on Eventbrite’s support team, we love to help our customers! You can call or email us—or send us tweets (.eventbritehelp)!—with any questions you have. We’re here to help you out with the answers or friendly advice that you’re seeking.

Another great resource we have for you is our Help Center. With answers to attendees’ and organizers’ commonly asked questions, it’s a one-stop shop for learning more about all things Eventbrite.

You can see how to sell tickets for entire tables or offer a group discount. Or add an image to the custom header on your event page. Or learn more about how Eventbrite’s tools can help you promote your event online.

And now, for the video lovers among us, we have 10 video tutorials available for your viewing pleasure! You can browse through our new offerings by going to the Help Center and then scrolling down to the Video Tutorial section. Check out a list here:

  • Create an event page
  • Payment processing options
  • Send free email invitations
  • Create or upload contact lists
  • Collect information from attendees
  • Who’s coming to my event?
  • Customize order confirmations
  • Event privacy options
  • Issuing refunds to attendees
  • Easy Entry iPhone check-in app

While they might not be at the artistic level of, say, Casablanca, we do hope that you find the videos helpful, accessible, and succinct—and maybe even a little fun.

Since Eventbrite the product is constantly evolving – check out our newest features! – we know that we’ll be refining and adding to these videos in the future.

Whether you’re savoring cinema in Stellenbosch or palling with the Peace Corp in Alexandria, we at Eventbrite are here to help you with your event. Take a look at our new videos and let us know what you think. Suggestions warmly encouraged!

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