Marketing conferences face a lot of competition. All it takes is a quick Google search to tell you that. So in a world saturated with events for marketers to choose from, how can you stay relevant and successful?

Over the last seven years, MozCon has seen its attendance grow by a staggering 152%. The three-day, single-track conference is now one of the most recommended within the marketing industry, and continues to deliver a quality program to attendees year after year.

So how does the MozCon team manage to increase the value of their event each year? Here are three ways you can achieve year-over-year growth with your event, based on MozCon’s secret strategies:

1. Analyze your sales cycle

Thanks to the innovative event management software available today, it’s easier than ever to get a holistic view of your events and develop a strategy that sells more tickets.

Using event data from previous events, look for significant spikes in ticket sales and see if you can gain insight into the sales cycle. What led to those sudden surges in sales?

MozCon’s historical event data helped the team identify an important moment in their sales cycle. “Early on, we noticed a large number of people registered after we announced the speakers and agenda,” say Danielle Launders, Community Events Manager for MozCon. “It made us realize just how important it was to get our speakers and agenda out early.”

Plan out your sales cycle and set goals early so you can spend less time worrying about breaking even — and more time focused on delivering an exceptional experience to your attendees.

2. Keep tabs on marketing campaigns

There’s a saying in the military: no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. The same can be said for your event’s marketing plan. A carefully written email invite that you were certain would sell 20% of event registrations could turn out to be a dud.

With the help of real-time sales data, you can make sure there are no surprises and make smart, strategic decisions to put your sales back on track.

Monitoring your strategy frequently can be a time saver for small teams, too. “In terms of marketing efforts… it’s just me,” says Launders. Using the Eventbrite Organizer App, she’s able to check the status of their registrations anytime, anywhere. “I have limited bandwidth to make sure literally everything happens, so I need to put my energy where it matters. If I put too much time and effort into promoting MozCon, it’s impossible to deliver a high quality experience.”

Keep a close eye on the success of your strategy by correlating real-time sales data to your marketing efforts.

3. Eliminate manual processes

An analysis of your sales cycle can help you develop a winning strategy, and real-time data can ensure you see a good return on investment. But another way to ensure your event grows is to reduce your operating costs.

To accomplish this, you’ll need an event registration provider that helps you manage attendees effectively.

Because registration is open year-round, MozCon receives numerous requests from attendees as the event gets closer. “A lot can happen in a year,” says Launders. “People get a new job and need to update their email, others get married and ask to change their last name.” Thanks to Eventbrite, these typically tedious tasks are an afterthought for Danielle and the MozCon team.

“The amount of time Eventbrite saves me to focus on other things is amazing,” she says, “It’s the only thing in my job that I don’t stress about.” The lack of stress is just the icing on top, too. The automation reduces the need for more staff — especially when the doors to The Washington State Convention Center open and attendees arrive to MozCon.

Attendees can load their ticket on their mobile phone and avoid the hassle of printed tickets. All the MozCon staff has to do is scan the ticket on their mobile phone, hand them a conference badge and a bag of swag, then send them off to grab breakfast or catch their first session in no time.

By reducing the need for more on-hand staff, MozCon is able to spend their event budget in places that will make a bigger impact on the attendee’s experience.

Take your event to new heights

With a registration partner that helps you analyze your sales cycle, stay on top of ticket sales, and reduce the need for staff, you can achieve year-over-year growth — even in a saturated market.

Want to learn more about how MozCon continues to grow? Read the full story here.

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