Planning and managing multiple events is a constant juggling act. You’re not just managing your venue, vendor, caterer, staff, and sponsors for one event — you’re managing multiple sets of them for each event! And while the highs can be exhilarating, the lows can make you seriously question why you’ve picked a career that leaves you so little time for friends and family.

The constant-events life is hard. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

To get more strategic about your approach, put these tactics to the test. Each one has helped event creators like you better control the chaos and get back some time in their crazy schedules.

Plan your event promotion calendar

Problem: When you’re promoting multiple events, it can be difficult to remember which Facebook Events you’ve created, and which ticket sales launches are left to announce.

Solution: A promotional calendar template for events  will help you plot your marketing and advertising activities on a timeline. Copy the sheet for all of your events and you’ll know exactly when to deploy email invites, social media promotions, and paid advertising campaigns.

Bonus tip: Customize the marketing and advertising activities template for your events by following the steps outlined in this post.

Create templates for your most common emails

Problem: Drafting event emails can take a lot of time out of your day. It simply isn’t efficient to draft new email copy every time you need to send out a message to your lists.

Solution: Templatize your most common emails, such as invites, purchase confirmations, or last-minute reminders. This will save you time and automate the content creation process across your entire team.

Bonus tip: Choose a ticketing or registration partner that syncs with your email marketing tools. That way, you can automate and personalize your email communications at scale (like Eventbrite, which syncs directly with MailChimp).

Schedule and automate your event promotions

Problem: Majority of your time is spent manually setting up and deploying marketing tactics, leaving little time for things that matter most — like your event experience.  

Solution: Streamline your event promotion strategy with automation. Apps like Hootsuite, for instance, let your team schedule all of your social promotions at once. Instead of logging in and out of social networks multiple times a day, your team members can use their time to plan new strategies to improve the attendee experience.

Bonus tip: Automation can also run and optimize your event promotions. If you’re using Eventbrite to sell tickets or registrations, for example, Boostable and ToneDen have built-in integrations that you can manage without leaving your Eventbrite Dashboard. Use these integrations and tracking pixels to identify your top performing campaigns and adjust spend.

Tame the multi-event chaos with this free template

Adding structure and building systems to manage the chaos of your events is key to long term success. This event promotion template was created to help you keep track of multiple event marketing strategies at once. Download your copy today.

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