5 Reasons People Go To Sporting Events

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Today’s guest post is from Joe Denton, staff member at SCA Promotions.

Attendance at sporting events is huge. Major League Baseball alone brings more than 70 million fans to games each year.

Not everyone goes to watch the game, though. The environment is something that you can’t experience while watching at home, and this experience is what keeps fans coming back. Here are some of the top reasons people attend sporting events, other than watching the game.

We’ve also included questions to self-check that we, as organizers are channeling this same energy. Do you see any parallels with your events?

1.  Meeting People and Socializing

Whether it’s the friends you brought to the event or the people sitting on your left or right –sporting events bring people together. Maybe it’s the common interest in (or hatred of) a team that starts the conversation, or simply enjoying a nice beer with a stranger. Whatever the reason, talk to any event-goer and you’re bound to hear a story or two about mid-game encounters with some interesting folks.

Conversation Starter: How do you encourage attendees to socialize?

2. Halftime Shows

Who doesn’t enjoy a good halftime show? Sure, some acts are better than others, but they can also be quite entertaining. A good halftime show engages the crowd and keeps them happy while the teams are resting up and preparing second half strategy.

Conversation Starter: What’s the best halftime show you’ve seen? What made it so great? Channeling that type of entertainment and flash can be beneficial in providing that special memory for people at your event – the thing they’ll be talking about afterward.

3. Promotions and Giveaways

Free stuff – ‘nuff said. Though the odds might be slim, there’s always the chance that you could walk away with some cool swag – or even a car – if you’re lucky. Not to mention, you could get the opportunity to walk onto the field/court and make a fool of yourself as you try to accomplish a ridiculous task in front of thousands of people.

Conversation Starter: Do you incorporate contests into your events? Which have been successful?

4. Team Spirit, Done Live

People – especially sports fans – are competitive by nature. When you put fans from opposing teams in the same stadium, there’s bound to be a ton of smack talk, and, of course, team camaraderie. Diehard fans live and breathe this kind of environment – it’s the perfect chance for them to show some team pride, painted faces and all.

Conversation Starter: How do you encourage team spirit among your attendees and fans?

5. Impressing Someone

If you’re trying to impress someone, what better way than to take them out to a ballgame? For some, it’s that cute girl from the bar. For others, it’s that big client. Whoever it is, sporting events are a great way to take someone out and show them a good time.

Conversation Starter: Is your event providing that experience for attendees? How do you ensure an environment where people will want to be entertained at your event?

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