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Sell more tickets with the best event listing website

Eventbrite is the world's largest event technology platform, powering millions of events in 170+ countries and territories each year.

We’re building intuitive technology to help you create, promote, manage, and post your events. With every app, every update, and every collaboration, we're working hard to make sure that you have the freedom and flexibility to create meaningful experiences without borders or limitations.

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How to create your event listing on Eventbrite

Create a beautiful event listing page with a perfect design, built-in payment processing, and support. Start selling tickets in minutes with a simple set-up process and manage your guest list with ease.



Enter your event details

A great event listing lets attendees know the five Ws: the who, what, when, where, and why of your event. Built-in event marketing tools let the world know.



Create your tickets

Use our built-in tools to make your own tickets, set up your free and paid tickets, or create multiple ticket types for your event to maximize your sales.



Publish and list your event on 50+ sites

Save time by adding your event to Facebook and 50+ sites and event listing apps in just one click using Eventbrite's tools.

Publish your event to Eventbrite — and let us do the rest

  • Don’t waste time reentering information — let our partners automatically import your event details.

  • Sync event and ticket details on our partners’ sites simply by changing your event listing on Eventbrite

  • Track sales from our partners on your Eventbrite dashboard and automatically store attendee information.
  • List your event online and increase your reach with industry-leading technology

    Powerful marketing tools place you at the head of the pack.

    List your event online and increase your reach with industry-leading technology

    Position your unique event in front of more people where they spend the most time online — and convert them faster with the simplest checkout

    • Easily promote your live experiences, like live music events, on popular sites like Facebook Events. Double sales and registrations with a native checkout on Facebook and more.

    • Catch people when they’re in a buying mentality, like searching for things to do on Google, thanks to our industry-leading SEO and partnership with Google Events.

    • Engage your audience with compelling RSVP invitations and target prospects based on their interests with our partners’ unique recommendation algorithms, like Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

    • Save time by adding your event listing to 50+ sites and apps in just one click , e.g. Bandsintown, Eventful, Discotech, Songkick and many more.

    No upfront fees

    Simple pricing, clear value

    Create your event on the world's largest event marketplace at no cost to you. We've got everything you need to sell tickets, manage your events, and grow your business.

    • Flexible ticket types for in-person or online events
    • Unlimited listings in our marketplace
    • Integrated email and social media marketing tools
    • Ability to sell tickets on your own site
    • Seamless attendee checkout experience
    • Payouts before your event happens
    • Detailed analytics and reporting

    Low fees for your attendees

    • No fees for free events
    • 3.7% + $1.79 service fee per ticket
    • 2.9% payment processing fee per order

    Fees are paid by ticket buyers, unless you choose to cover them.

    Find out more about how fees work

    Hosting a large or complex event?

    We offer tailored packages for event pros with unique needs. Get customized fee schedule, personalized support, and more individualized features by partnering with our sales team.

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