Gifts for event vendors and sponsors are a way to show how much you appreciate them and what they’ve done for you after an event or over the year. But you don’t want to give them last year’s trendy tchotchke when you can offer them something they’ll enjoy for years. If you’re stumped for vendor and sponsor gift ideas, read on to discover what will make your team feel loved throughout the year.

For sponsors

Event sponsor gifts aren’t only about showing appreciation for past support; they create stronger connections and help ensure the relationship continues.

1. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are an everyday accessory for many — the latest models featuring the newest tech are sure to be appreciated!

2. Distinctive notebooks

Everyone can access note-taking apps on their smartphones, making actual stationery all the more special. Think leather and suede bindings, adding natural textures and warm colors. Or go for a hardbound option with beautiful illustrations or an intricate pattern.

3. A donation to charity

The gift of giving back, such as a donation to a favorite charity, shows a social commitment many sponsors will love. Unless you’re sure of your sponsors’ preferred charities, avoid organizations or causes that may be controversial or political.

4. Books

Because of the vast selection of stories and subjects, books are ideal gifts — choose one with personal meaning or relevance to your sponsor. It helps to have a sense of your sponsor’s likes and interests, but once you do, it should be easy to find a book or two that sheds fresh light on them.

5. Desk plants

A desk plant will add color and bring a sense of calm to your sponsor’s office or home. Remember to include a saucer under the plant pot so water doesn’t seep onto the desktop!

For vendors

Vendors are important parts of your business; they supply the essentials, such as food, lighting, and sound, that make for exciting events. So consider these vendor gift ideas — a thoughtful little something can generate enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

1. A bag of coffee

A gift of coffee beans will have vendors remembering your thoughtfulness every morning. Make it whole bean for the true aficionado, or choose ground coffee for those who favor convenience. If a single bag doesn’t make a big enough statement, order a 6-month subscription delivery.

2. Personalized backpack

Backpacks have moved from the classroom to the boardroom. Many sellers can personalize the backpacks you order, so why not add a vendor’s monogram or full name for a distinctive spin on something they’ll use daily?

3. Electronic accessories

Our lives revolve around tech, which means we can never have too many accessories. Put a ribbon and bow on one of these options, and your vendors will be thanking you all year:

  • Mobile gimbal for smartphones: Take smoother videos when on the move with this armature-like device that evens out bumps and shaking.
  • Electronic foam roller: Enjoy the muscle therapy a roller offers with the addition of vibrations for a massaging effect.
  • Pocket projector: These fit in a shoulder bag or purse and can be used for professional presentations or enhancing digital entertainment — think movies and video games.

4. Insulated mugs

An insulated mug is an on-the-go staple, whether for the morning coffee brew or the gym-session protein shake. Add your vendor’s name or initials to make it unique.

5. Treats basket

Food is always a welcome gift. The options are endless for a basket of baked goods: muffins, cakes, cookies, and brownies are all perfect treats for vendors with an office full of people who help out. For a tasty (and healthier) alternative, choose a fruit basket. Don’t forget to make it memorable — personalize any boxes of chocolates or customize your doughnut delivery!

Thank you, come again

Gifts for event sponsors and vendors are about more than their value. What they’ll appreciate most is the thoughtfulness you show. Don’t forget to include your talent, too, who make significant contributions to your event’s success.

Once you’ve organized your gifts, start planning your next event — we’re sure your partners will be delighted to receive a phone call when it’s time to ask for their support again!