How-To Guide: Find the Perfect Partner for your Event Registration

How-To Guide: Find the Perfect Partner for your Event Registration

shutterstock_114096628Providing your attendees with a smooth registration experience is essential to their enjoyment of your event—and their opinion of you as an organizer. From increasing event registration to amazing attendees at the door, you are trusting your registration partner with the success of your event. Get it right and you can see record growth; get it wrong and it will reflect on your brand.

We know the search for the perfect event registration partner may feel overwhelming, so we sorted through event organizers’ most common priorities and created a checklist of questions you may want to ask to make sure they’ll help you achieve your goals.

Download this guide for a simple, yet definitive, partner selection guide to make sure you’re covering all your bases, including:

  • Challenges event organizers often face with registration providers, from promotion to data access to at-event solutions
  • How to prioritize the features that are most important to your specific event
  • Important questions to ask to make sure they can support a sold-out event

This is the guide you and your team can consult when evaluating potential partners, and revisit after your event to measure promises against delivery.

Rachel Grate

Rachel is a writer for Eventbrite, where she regularly interviews organizers of the country's most popular events, from massive music festivals to exclusive food & drink gatherings. She's a live music lover, a foodie, and a big fan of smiles.

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