In their everyday lives, attendees have a new normal for getting places. They push a few buttons on their smartphone, and — voila! — a car arrives.

The rise of ridesharing has made a profound impact on our collective car-driving habits. An astounding 58% of people who recently discarded a vehicle did so because they can now use Lyft.

If you’re an event creator, this is not just passive trivia. It’s valuable information about a trend that directly affects you. Some of your attendees are likely already using rideshare services like Lyft to get to your events. You can take charge of their experience by using Lyft Events to officially establish your event on the Lyft app.

Here’s what you can accomplish by harnessing rideshare for your events.

You can reduce no-shows and increase revenue

People tend to be flaky, and transportation has a direct impact on event attendance. Four out of five admit they will flake on an event if it proves hard to get there — even if they’re already bought tickets. Attendees on the fence consider convenience a top factor when making a last-minute decision on whether to motivate to an event.

On the other hand, 37% of Lyft riders say they’re more likely to attend community events if they can take a Lyft. The phenomenon of rideshare holds huge potential to increase attendance and improve the attendee experience of transportation.

Businesses see an economic boost from the availability of rideshare options for their customers. 34% of riders spend more at local businesses as a result of using Lyft. For events, fewer no-shows means more people at the event spending money on food, drinks, merchandise, and more.

Attendees get home safely and more easily

“Event creators have a responsibility to create a safe environment for their attendees,” says Amanda McDermott, Event Marketing Manager at Lyft. “This includes safety and security within an event, like checking bags upon arrival and conflict mitigation. It also includes safety outside of an event — the experience attendees have when arriving and leaving an event location.”

Especially when event fun includes drinking, you have to get attendees home safely. Attendees already default to Lyft in their personal lives. A quarter of Lyft riders choose ridesharing to get around during times of night when public transit doesn’t operate. 71% report that they’re less likely to drive when impaired because of Lyft.

You can build on this trend by enabling partying attendees with subsidized Lyft ride codes. They plug the ride code into the Lyft app and receive a discount on the ride. As an event creator, when you enable them to use Lyft to get home from your event, you’re just extending the rideshare experience they’re already accustomed to.

The VIP experience is elevated and widened

Every attendee today expects utmost convenience and a friction-free event-going experience. If that’s the baseline, the VIP expectation is extra high. VIP ticket-holders and important event stakeholders, like corporate guests and sponsors, should never have to settle for a slow shuttle ride or the hassle of driving their own car.

“During the holidays, companies are using our events portal in order to get their event attendees to and from events,” McDermott says. “This year, we saw a major uptick in transportation funded by the companies. We think this increased event ROI for our customers since it enabled their attendees to get to and from in a more convenient way.”

Partnering with rideshare companies is a relatively easy way to scale up the perceived luxury VIP guests get without a huge economic impact.

Take charge of your attendees’ experience with Lyft Events

Go to Lyft Events to set up ride codes for your event and learn more about how to enable a seamless transportation experience for your attendees. The site will also help you set an event location within the app that restricts the use of the codes.

Using Lyft Events will help you tick off the accomplishments in this post: reducing no-shows, increasing at-event revenue, keeping attendees safe, and elevating the VIP experience. But the future of rideshare has even more in store. To read about it, download the free guide The Future of Event Transportation: An Inside Look From the Lyft Business Team.

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