Dating an event planner or thinking about asking one out? Good choice. Event planners are some of the most organized and well-prepared people on this planet, and they always have the hottest party invites.

But with all that attention to detail comes, shall we say, a few unique character quirks that only people who spend a lot of time with event planners can truly understand. And if you’re currently dating, or about to date, an event planner, it’s best to go in with your eyes wide open.

Here are eight things to know before you date an event planner.

1. You’ll end up adopting their organizational system

Most event planners know they’re born to work in events because they loved organizing their toys when they were little. And that love of order extends into every avenue of their life, from their closet to their calendars, or even to their shopping lists.

If you have a more casual approach when it comes to putting things back where you find them, beware. Your significant other will likely impose their organizational system on you before long — though you might find you don’t mind. In fact, you’re thankful you’re not wasting time searching for your keys anymore (not that you’d tell them that).

2. They love their routine

Event planners work hard (see #7). The days are long, especially when an event is coming up, which is most weekends. All this means that routine is vital for event planners to cope with the demands of a high-stress job. If you want quality time with your event planner, you’ll have to do it on their schedule.

3. Say goodbye to spontaneous trips or surprise parties

Thought you could surprise your significant other with a surprise party or weekend away? No luck — they caught on months ago. In fact, they probably already told you to stop, because they know they’d plan it better. After all, half the fun of going away or hosting friends is planning all the delicious details!

Trust us: keep them in the loop from the beginning.

4. They’re good under pressure

Event planners are great at keeping calm under pressure. In stressful situations, they are able to find a solution and stay level-headed, no matter what. Since they’re used to people coming to them for answers, they’re able to think quick on their feet.

5. You need to let them unplug

Event planners need regular breaks to help them decompress from their high-stress jobs. Your partner probably has a few tried-and-true things they like to do to help them calm down, whether it’s a spa night with friends or even a technology-free weekend away.

If your significant other takes a while to respond to a text, don’t panic. Know that these breaks are sacred and respect them.

6. They love meeting new people

The number one quality shared by successful event creators is their people skills. As highly sociable creatures, they love meeting new people and learning about them. If you’re an introvert, be prepared to watch them gleefully mingle at parties while you watch from afar.

7. When they’re at work, they’re at work

Event planning is one of the most stressful careers out there. And the tension is at its height in the days around an event, thanks to long hours and hectic schedules.

Just because you’re off work, doesn’t mean they are. Make it easier on them (and you) by giving them the space they need to see their event through to the end.

8. They’re excellent listeners

There are a lot of different pieces that make up an event and an event planner has to keep track of every single one of them. They have to collaborate with not only the client, but also vendors and sponsors, who have their own needs and goals. This makes them excellent listeners. Tell them a detail about something you enjoy or dislike, and they’ll remember it forever.

More ways to help your event planner de-stress

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