It takes a special mix of determination and creativity to survive in the events industry.

For event creators, no two days are ever the same. That’s exactly what makes being an event planner so stressful for some — and so invigorating for others. So, how can you tell if you’ll thrive as an events manager, or burnout completely?

Some people were born with a passion for events. If you’re one of them, you’ll identify with these seven signs you are meant to be an event creator.

1. You organized your toys

Were you the kid who kept their toys in neat piles? Did you stack the cups rather than knocking them down? Did you pretend to host organized tea parties where the dolls sat around in a particular order, or create elaborate ranks of armies in perfect unison, ready for battle at a moment’s notice?

It’s clear: you were a budding event organizer.

2. You always hosted the party

As you grew up, did you always find yourself hosting house parties, dinner dates, and organizing weekend activities for your friends or family?

If friends turned to you for a timetable of activities, a detailed itinerary, or a plan B when anything went wrong on vacation — yep, you were meant to be an event planner.

3. You always loved meeting new people

Some kids are shy, and some just love making new friends.

Were you always happy to strike up conversations with strangers, entertain your parent’s friends, or welcome the new kid at school into your friend group? Did you always know who to introduce at parties, because they would get along so well?

This ability to connect with strangers is a strong indicator you were meant to be an event professional.

4. You had a natural flair

Was your homework completed with multiple colors to highlight different sections and accent important points? Did you love cooking, woodwork, and art classes because you got to experiment? That creative spirit helps you thrive in the fast-paced events industry.

5. You sweated the details

Were you the person in class who just couldn’t help but ask ‘why?’ Did you hand in work that was ‘just good enough’ or did you work on it until you were proud?

As you got older, were you content to host parties at the last minute, without considering for how people would arrive and what they would eat? Of course not!

You care about the details. The little things that elevate the mundane to the exceptional. That’s what makes your events stand out.

6. You used your initiative

In class, you always volunteered first — or jumped in before you were even asked. As you got older, a weekend never arrived without a plan for you and all your friends. It’s no wonder you’re a natural event creator — you’ve already been organizing events your whole life.

7. You’re a natural prioritizer

Most people hate when to-do lists are thirty items long. Not you, though. From a young age, you knew how to prioritize. When you had to clean your room, study for a test, and support a friend, you could get them all done — well.

The ability to prioritize is a clear give-away that event management runs in your veins. That said, even the best event creators need some help with productivity from time to time. Learn how to streamline your work with The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, written by the prioritization experts at Asana.

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