Reconvene Summit 2022
Designing live experiences for lasting impact



A free virtual networking and skill-sharing event built to empower creative entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to grow their businesses and serve their communities.
Designing live experiences for lasting impact
Events thrive on community, and Eventbrite is home to the largest community of event creators in the world. For the second annual RECONVENE Summit, we’re bringing this community together to celebrate and share what they do best — create collective joy, inspiration, belonging, and connectivity through live experiences.

At the jam-packed, one-day Summit you’ll learn how to create impactful experiences and grow thriving businesses from the marketing experts, artists, and entrepreneurs behind some of our favorite events.
Designing live experiences for lasting impact
Define your brand and stand out from the crowd
Expand your event into a thriving business
Grow your audience while staying true to your mission
Find partners and collaborate to fuel your success
who you'll hear from
Dr. Vivek
U.S. Surgeon General
Author, The Art of Gathering
Author & Entrepreneur
Co-Founder & CEO, Eventbrite
Executive Director, Born This Way Foundation
Co-Founder, Koreatown Run Club & Love Hour
Co-Founder, Koreatown Run Club & Love Hour
Founder & CEO, Sad Girls Club
Founder, Todo Verde
DJ, TV Host & Entrepreneur
who you'll hear from
9:00am PT - 12:00pm ET - 5:00pm GMT
Co-Founder & CEO, Eventbrite
There’s never been a better time to be an Eventbrite creator, with easy to use products and a host of integrated marketing tools that generate millions in ticket sales for our creators’ businesses and communities. Learn about our exciting new product offerings and what they can unlock for you.
9:15am PT - 12:15pm ET - 5:15pm GMT
The Art of Gathering: Overcoming Isolation Through Connection
Dr. Vivek Murthy & Priya Parker
Over the last few years, we’ve all been through a lot, and research shows what we all know intuitively: being part of a community makes a big difference for our mental health. In this conversation, we’ll hear from acting U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering, about how event creators are uniquely positioned to rekindle connection when we need it most. They’ll offer insights on how creators can adapt to common challenges and design meaningful moments that help to remedy loneliness and social isolation.
9:45am PT - 12:45pm ET - 5:45pm GMT
Marsai Martin & The Social Connection Project
Marsai Martin
Marsai is an actress, producer, and entrepreneur best known for her role on the hit ABC sitcom Black-ish and she knows first-hand how much social isolation and loneliness has impacted her generation. To help tackle this issue, she has curated a special collection of Eventbrite events to empower people to start connecting again.
9:50am PT - 12:50pm ET - 5:50pm GMT
Define Your Brand, Stand Out From The Crowd
Duy Nguyen, Elyse Fox & Roseli Ilano
As an event creator, how do you find your voice? How do you communicate who you are, who your events are for, and how they’ll make people feel? Whether it’s building a thriving running community or creating a safe space for women of color to share about mental health, Duy Nguyen and Elyse Fox know a thing or two about using storytelling to draw people into community. In this chat, they’ll share how they’ve been able to sharpen and communicate their events’ distinct POV through creative campaigns, merch, collabs, and more, and how it has fueled their success.
10:10am PT - 1:10pm ET - 6:10pm GMT
Eventbrite Boost Giveaway
Eventbrite Boost takes the guesswork out of your email and social media marketing using all-inclusive tools and Eventbrite’s data from millions of events to reach new people, starting at just $15/month. But Summit attendees will get an exclusive Eventbrite Boost giveaway that you won’t want to miss!
10:20am PT - 1:20pm ET - 6:20pm GMT
Musical Break
Aux Cord
10:25am PT 1:25pm ET 6:25pm GMT
Meet the RECONVENE Accelerators
For the first time ever, Eventbrite launched the RECONVENE Accelerator and awarded five event creators with $10,000, mentorship, and networking to bring their dream events to life. We’ll hear from the winners as they take us along their journey, sharing their exciting new events ideas and everything they learned throughout the Accelerator program.
10:35am PT - 1:35pm ET - 6:35pm GMT
Grow the Love: Expanding Your Community in New Places
Jocelyn Ramirez, Mike Pak & Roseli Ilano
Eventbrite mentors Jocelyn Ramirez (Todo Verde) and Mike Pak (Koreatown Run Club), have managed to grow and expand their businesses while remaining true to their mission and values. Whether launching a restaurant pop-up or writing books, they’ve each been able to scale up and try out new experiments that bring their community closer even as they welcome new audiences. Through their chat, you’ll learn how to grow your business while staying true to the community and vision that made your event great in the first place.
11:00am PT - 2:00pm ET - 7:00pm GMT
Born This Way Foundation
Maya Smith
Co-founded by Lady Gaga and her mom, Cynthia Germanotta, Born This Way Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to supporting youth mental health and working with young people to build a kinder, braver world. Executive Director Maya Smith will share how to design events with inclusion and kindness, and the ways event creators can plug into this powerful work.
11:15am PT - 2:15pm ET - 7:15pm GMT
Creating Space for Collaboration
DJ Skee & Alex Gallinari
From venues around the world, to the metaverse, to the NBA Finals, DJ Skee knows from experience: events are about creating opportunities for connection. With Dash Radio, he’s helped build a platform that brings together hundreds of creatives and personalities, including Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Kylie Jenner. Chatting with our own Alex Gallinari, Skee will share how collaboration has fueled his success. From sponsors and influencers, to artists and community leaders, learn how to identify symbiotic partnerships and integrate them into your events.
11:35am PT - 2:35pm ET - 7:35pm GMT
Musical Break
DJ Break
Aux Cord
11:45AM PT 2:45pm ET 7:45pm GMT
Level Up: Transforming Your Event Into a Thriving Business
Seth Godin
No one said turning your events into a business would be easy. But wherever you are in your journey, some key insights always apply: building for the long haul means finding your people and creating the conditions for them to come together and share great experiences. Since the early dotcom days, Seth Godin's been an invaluable source of wisdom for entrepreneurs getting all kinds of businesses off the ground. Here, he'll share why building genuine connection — and trust — with your audience will take you further than hustle and hype.
12:20pm PT - 3:20pm ET - 8:20pm GMT
Live Q&A
Jocelyn Ramirez, Mike Pak, Duy Nguyen, Elyse Fox, and DJ Skee will answer questions from the audience, live!
12:50pm PT - 3:50pm ET - 8:50pm GMT
Closing Remarks
Giveaways Galore!
We will continue to directly invest in your success by giving away five $1,000 awards throughout RECONVENE Summit to help support your business growth. Attendees who win can put the funds toward an upcoming event, such as production costs or paid marketing. Each award will include merch from our speakers, including Familia Favorites Bundle from Jocelyn Ramirez, Koreatown Run Club or Love Hour merch from Mike Pak & Duy Nguyen, Merch (Mug) from Elyse Fox & Sad Girls Club, and mixtape by DJ Skee.

Make sure you tune in live with your team to learn how to enter to win! Terms and Conditions apply.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is RECONVENE for me?
Do you plan or produce virtual or in-person gatherings? Are you thinking about starting your own event business or expanding one you already have? If you answered yes to any of these questions, RECONVENE is made for you. RECONVENE is open to all who wish to join — no matter your event expertise or experience. With a plethora of tools, tips, and insider tricks, RECONVENE will help you uplevel your events, or it could be the catalyst that inspires you to create your first event.
What if I can’t make it?
No problem, we know how hard it is to navigate busy schedules. You’re free to come and go as you please, though we hope you’ll make time to take in as much of our programming as you can. All RECONVENE talks will be archived for on-demand viewing after the Summit. Be sure to register so you receive the recordings directly in your inbox!
How do I join and access RECONVENE?
We’ll send all registered attendees a link via email to join the live stream.
How much does the conference cost?
We’re happy to be able to offer RECONVENE Summit 2022 free to all event creators globally. We know things have been hard for the event industry, and we want to support your live events in any way we can.
What are your accessibility accommodations?
The Eventbrite team is eager to make sure that everyone can benefit from this conference. We will have closed captioning available for all panels, and the event will be held live in English. If you have any other questions or requests regarding accommodations, reach out to reconvene [at] eventbrite [dot] com and we’ll be happy to help.