Throughout the global pandemic, event creators on Eventbrite brought communities together in inventive ways, from virtual experiences to drive-in concerts and hybrid events. The live experience industry has evolved, and as the world moves closer toward reopening, we anticipate strong consumer appetite for a mix of in-person and virtual experiences post-pandemic. 

Eventbrite data underscores this: according to a recent survey we commissioned with YouGov, more than half the respondents (53%) said they plan to attend both virtual and in-person experiences in the future, even when it’s safe to gather in-person again. In March 2021*, we surveyed a group of Eventbrite users and 37% of respondents said they have attended 3-5 virtual events in the last two months. 

Eventbrite supports creators in bringing to life any type of experience, whether in-person, online or both. In fact, Eventbrite empowered creators to bring nearly five million experiences to consumers in 2020, more than one million of which were virtual. When we surveyed a subset of U.S. creators in March 2021**, the vast majority (94%) said they prefer to host their virtual experiences on Zoom. That’s why we’ve retooled our Zoom integration to provide an even faster and more unified experience for both event creators and their virtual event attendees. The updated integration is available globally today and includes:

Faster load times: Connecting an Eventbrite event to Zoom is seven times faster than before. 

Manage Zoom from within Eventbrite: Creators no longer need to log into the Zoom app to make changes to a meeting or webinar. They can make updates to an upcoming Zoom event directly from Eventbrite and it will show up in Zoom and vice versa. This also helps ensure all attendees will receive the most updated meeting information via Eventbrite’s automated pre-event emails.

Improved search: Event creators can now easily search for their different Zoom events by username or event instead of scrolling through a single, long dropdown. 

Manage multiple Zoom links per event: For events with multiple dates, creators can now include multiple Zoom links for different dates and times inside a single Eventbrite event, simplifying the way they manage recurring events. 

Ability to delete meetings: If creators need to remove an existing Zoom video stream from their event, now they can right from their Eventbrite event page. 

“Our focus through this pandemic – and beyond – is helping event organizers succeed and build audiences for all event formats,” said Casey Winters, chief product officer of Eventbrite. “Over the past 12 months, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of event organizers reach new global audiences virtually, and create new revenue at a time when they needed it most. This deeper integration with Zoom will put event organizers in an even better position to offer interactive online experiences as part of a resurging live events landscape after this pandemic.“

*Survey conducted with 6,000 U.S.-based consumers who have attended events on Eventbrite in 2021. 

**Survey conducted with 2,000 U.S.-based event organizers who have used Eventbrite to host events in 2021.

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