The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Events

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Chatbots, deep learning, concierge apps, big data — these words may seem meaningless today, but they offer an incredible opportunity available for event professionals who are willing to embrace innovation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon revolutionize the events industry and play a pivotal role in growing your event. From customer support to event management and marketing, AI may change how we experience live events — and give yours a competitive advantage.

In this on-demand webinar, Event Manager Blog’s Julius Solaris answers your most burning questions about AI. What is useful and what is not? What is the correct way to use AI for your event?

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Save on your temporary staff by using AI
  • Engage attendees and leverage untapped marketing opportunities
  • Deliver better ROI to exhibitors
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Julius Solaris the editor of Event Manager Blog. Started in 2007, Event Manager Blog is a leading source for event professionals that covers topics such as event planning, event technology, event trends, and event marketing.

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