Eventbrite, the world’s leading ticketing and event technology platform, which powers nearly three million events each year, entered into an agreement with Pandora (NYSE: P) in 2019 to acquire Ticketfly — a leading ticketing platform focused on music promoters and venues — for $200 million. Additionally, Eventbrite and Pandora plan to enter into a future distribution agreement to extend the benefits already proven with the Pandora and Ticketfly integration.

Together, they deliver unparalleled service to independent venues and promoters on the world’s most powerful event technology platform.

Brilliant minds in music and event tech working together

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we see immense alignment and opportunity with this union, especially as we continue to expand Eventbrite’s global footprint in music,” said Julia Hartz, CEO and co-founder of Eventbrite. “Together with Ticketfly, we will focus our collective energy on further developing our unparalleled solution and superior services for indie music venues and promoters around the world.”

Ticketfly’s co-founder and CEO, Andrew Dreskin, was set to lead Eventbrite’s music efforts. “We are happy to be joining forces with our friends at Eventbrite,” said Dreskin at the time. “Ticketfly and Eventbrite are the two most progressive live events technology companies out there, and together we will create a platform that will be game-changing for independent venues and promoters. We plan to build on the great work that Ticketfly and Pandora have done and offer the benefits of that partnership to Eventbrite’s customers, delivering even more live event notifications to Pandora listeners.”

“The combination of Ticketfly and Pandora proved our thesis that listeners want easy access to live events and that we can promote and sell tickets at scale in a highly targeted way,” said Tim Westergren, former CEO and founder of Pandora. “We look forward to expanding the opportunity to bring fans and artists together through our continued partnership with Eventbrite and Ticketfly.”

Eventbrite and Ticketfly’s combined ticket buyer base gave access to millions of new fans

Completion of the deal followed Eventbrite’s acquisition of leading European ticketing company, Ticketscript, to expand the company’s global footprint in music. In the first half of 2017 alone, Eventbrite, Ticketfly, and Ticketscript (a European event ticketing solution) processed nearly 15 million tickets for more than 130,000 music concerts and festivals. For more information on Eventbrite’s music offering, visit eventbrite.com/music.

This partnership has combined users, introducing some of the country’s most influential music tastemakers and their followers to Eventbrite’s growing marketplace of live music events.

At Eventbrite, music is here to stay

The acquisition of Ticketfly accelerated a 2-year journey for Eventbrite to better serve mid-market venues and promoters and power their businesses from end to end. Between this acquisition and a series of strategic acquisitions and engineering breakthroughs, Eventbrite has been well on the way to delivering the most innovative and game-changing event platform for promoters, venues, and festivals.

In 2016, Eventbrite acquired Queue and integrated its booking and collaboration tools with Eventbrite’s ticketing and mobile box office. The result? Eventbrite Venue is the industry’s first fully integrated booking, ticketing, and venue management solution.

Eventbrite previously acquired Ticketscript, a European self-service ticketing platform for venues and music festivals, making it the third-largest ticketing company in Europe.

What next?

These combined teams worked hard to deliver unmatched technology and service by thoughtfully implementing software rollouts and prioritizing customers’ needs. And it’s safe to say the future of music at Eventbrite continues to look bright.