It’s easy to use Eventbrite’s secure credit card processor to collect money for your events. Simply provide your bank information or mailing address*, and you’re able to start selling tickets and registrations immediately. Then, we process your payout 5 days after your event ends, and you receive a check or money into your account a few days later. Pretty easy, right?!

You can also see a more detailed breakdown of your payouts from Eventbrite by visiting the Payouts section of your Account. Check out the status of your payout, your next payout date, as well as past payout dates and amounts.

Itemized Payouts Eventbrite

For each payout, you can see an aggregate view of the fees, charges, credits, refunds and other payment activity to help you understand how your payout was calculated. In addition, you can drill down into each order within that payout — total quantity sold, fees collected, refunds, credits, and taxes (if applicable).

Itemized Payouts Eventbrite 2

Your feedback is important to help us continually improve our service, so keep it coming! Let us know in the comments below if you see something that will make your life easier when organizing events.

*Note: Mailing address and check option is currently available only in the United States.