A sold-out event is what event creator dreams are made of, especially now after a lengthy hiatus from in-person events. With new restrictions and protocols in place to keep attendees safe, it’s become more important than ever for creators to maximize the revenue potential from every in-person event. 

 Because even sold-out events can have empty seats. No-shows decrease your attendance numbers and can affect day-of-sales from merch, food, and more — which can be one of the biggest potential sources of event revenue. There’s also the issue of having to reschedule dates if a jurisdiction reintroduces stay-at-home orders. Taking control of your ticket resale can help tackle these new challenges.

Zac Leigh, CEO and co-founder of verified ticket marketplace, Tixel, explains. “By giving ticket holders the option to resell their ticket safely, you can make sure it’s in the hands of someone who is able to attend on the day. It also gives you the flexibility to reschedule event dates if you need to, knowing that people can sell their tickets if the new dates don’t suit — and eager fans can snap up any tickets that become available rather than starting on-sale again,” explains Zac. 

 Putting thought into what happens to a ticket after you’ve sold it may seem like just another thing you have to worry about, but it’s become an increasingly important step in creating a successful event ticketing strategy. To make sure as many seats are filled as possible, Eventbrite has partnered with verified ticket resale specialists like Tixel and Lyte to enable ticket holders to resell their tickets if their plans change and to give eager attendees a second chance to buy a ticket if they missed out. See how verified ticket resale is good for everyone. 

Verified resale offers attendees more flexibility

 Flexibility has become an important factor for attendees deciding to commit to an event date. Many will have been burned by canceled events — and as an event creator, you may have found that you have needed to reschedule an event and found yourself inundated with refund requests and unhappy ticket holders. 

 By allowing attendees to easily resell their tickets, you give people an alternative to asking for refunds and offer more flexibility if their plans (or yours!) change. This can give them the confidence to buy sooner and attract a bigger crowd by reducing no-shows. 

Of course, tickets can and do change hands regardless of whether you use a verified marketplace. But by using a verified resale partner that integrates with Eventbrite, you’re ensuring that both your ticket holders and anyone trying to get their hands on a ticket to your event are protected from fraud, getting a verified ticket at a fair price. 

 This leaves your ticket buyers happy, even if they were unable to attend since they’re able to easily resell their tickets and recover their money safely. And happy ticket buyers mean repeat business for you.

Reduce no-shows to increase your sales

 Event marketing strategies that increase attendance are a driving factor in increasing your event’s total revenue. The logic is clear: The more people who attend your event, the more food, drinks, and merchandise sales you’ll have. When tickets go unused, even if they’re already paid for, you miss out on day-of revenue streams. And since capacity is still restricted in some places, this drop in sales can be crushing.

“When ticket transfers are complicated, they generally go to the organizers for a refund or look to third-party sites that could cause complications for you at the door. When fans have a simple and secure way to transfer tickets, they are more likely to use it. We have seen live event venues halve their rate of no-shows by using Tixel to manage their secondary ticket market,” says Leigh. “Not only are these venues increasing the revenue across their bar, they are also saving money by minimizing time that staff spends on ticket inquiries,” he adds. 

 Fortunately, enabling integration with Tixel or Lyte to your event is easy. Check out how it can be done in minutes, at either Tixel or Lyte. You can post links to the resale sites in your sold-out event’s description so that customers know where they can go to buy verified resale tickets. You can also offer resale as an option for guests who find out they can’t make it to your event by including the information in your cancellation policy.

 Is your event set up and ready to go? Then get the revenue flowing and start selling tickets.

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