When your business is booking shows, you need to make the most of every dollar you spend and every campaign you launch. Today, we’re excited to announce the new Emma app for Eventbrite. Emma is the latest partner to join the Eventbrite App Marketplace where you can find over 100+ trusted apps to save you time and help you run more successful events.

With its sophisticated toolkit for custom-built emails, Emma allows you to sync contacts, track and report on revenue generated, and re-engage targeted groups of customers. With Emma, Eventbrite Music clients will also enjoy an unprecedented level of customer support. Emma employs more than 100 support reps in multiple time zones, so you’ll have real-time access to technical support, training, and tactical best practices. Additionally, Emma’s customer success team is available for dedicated, one-on-one assistance.

Let’s dive into the details: 

Quickly sync your contacts and seamlessly maintain your attendee data.

Your Eventbrite contacts sync directly into Emma, so ticket purchasers from other channels are plugged right into your email marketing program. You can then create multiple organizations (if you need to manage multiple venues, festivals, etc.) to organize your sends, then map them to specific subscriptions. Think of subscriptions as a flexible, easy way to give your readers the option to fine tune which emails they receive from you. Once this step is complete, Emma will automatically pull 18 months of historical data from Eventbrite for you to leverage in all future sends. 

Eventbrite Emma Integration
Easily connect your Eventbrite account in Emma to sync contacts and more

Target, segment, and re-engage fans who haven’t bought yet. 

Easily identify and segment fans who didn’t open or click past campaigns to build a re-engagement campaign that’ll entice them to purchase at the right time. In conjunction with your historical data, Emma’s simple segmentation tool allows you to send trigger-based emails, allowing you to target and re-engage based on purchase history, amount spent, and more. 

Add and edit event details from Eventbrite directly into your email.

Emma’s drag-and-drop email builder and customizable content blocks allow you to populate event details directly within your email, including a call-to-action to buy tickets or RSVP (or whatever you want — it’s fully customizable). If you’re promoting multiple events, you can include them all in a single mailing. 

Eventbrite Emma Integration
Pull event details directly from Eventbrite to quickly and accurately build emails

Track ticket sales and revenue from each send.

Emma’s real-time analytics let you track and report ticket sales driven by your emails alongside total ticket sales, plus overall engagement and available tickets remaining. 

Start sending emails with Emma today. 

The Emma app for Eventbrite makes it easy to create customized and targeted emails so that you can engage with your fans in marketing’s highest-performing channel: email. You can find the Emma app and many more in the Eventbrite App Marketplace. From email and social media marketing to badge printing, discover 100+ apps that work seamlessly with Eventbrite to help you grow your events like a pro.

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