Ever found yourself wishing for an extra staff member to handle tedious event planning workflows? Try turning to technology instead. From keeping your email list up to date with the latest attendees, to handling attendee inquiries, technology can help.

Here are 5 tools to make your event planning faster and easier. By eliminating some of your most manual processes, you’ll be freed up to focus on your event growth strategy.

  1. Start by eliminating manual data entry with a tool like Zapier. Zapier is a customizable freemium app. It automates tedious tasks between 500+ apps like Eventbrite, Google Sheets, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft. A “Zap” is a connection between apps that automates a task. For example, you can use a Zap to add all new Eventbrite attendees to your email marketing list, your CRM, and a Google Sheet. Another Zap can tag contacts in your CRM as they check in at Eventbrite events.
  2. Next, a great map can help significantly reduce inquiries from confused attendees. Free up your staff from having to answer emails or calls by creating a custom Google Map for your event. An accurate map ensures attendees get to your door. This is particularly important if your event has many entrances, or requires badge pickup at a different location.
  3. Are you using an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp, Emma, or Vertical Response? If so, it likely offers free extensions to apps that you’re already using, such as your database or survey platform. This lets you eliminate tedious data uploads that used to take hours. For example, you can sync them with a ticketing platform like Eventbrite to automatically add your latest attendees to an email list. This makes it easy to send personalized invites and updates, without a list upload. You can also add a “Buy Ticket” or “Register” button into the email, taking buyers straight to your ticketing page.
  4. Email automation isn’t limited to just your marketing—it also extends to your personal inbox. Yesware is an email add-on that monitors whether people are opening and responding to your emails. This becomes particularly useful when you are sending hundreds of feelers out to potential sponsors, vendors, speakers, or attendees. A smart email inbox will help you identify those who are engaging with your emails, so that you can prioritize follow-up accordingly.
  5. And finally, after the event is over, there are tools to help easily sync attendee information back to your main attendee database. Third-party apps including EventbriteSync for Salesforce, HubSpot, and Importacular for Raiser’s Edge allow Salesforce and other CRMs to integrate seamlessly with your event. Set up an alert in your CRM so when a VIP registers for your event, you’ll receive a notification. Follow up with more personalized communications to VIPs to ensure they have all the information they need.

We’ve got more tools to help you save time and get more from your existing event budget! Access the free guide, Stretch Your Event Budget with Today’s Tech Tools,” for more.

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