• Eventbrite has launched a resource to help event organizers determine how to relaunch their in-person events, while making safety a priority.
  • We’ve partnered with leading health and safety experts to develop these resources, which are informed by published guidance from public health officials.

When the world is ready to gather again, we want event organizers to launch in-person events as safely as possible. Organizers will need to adopt new policies and procedures to ensure they’re following advice of health officials and regulators and protecting the health and well-being of attendees and staff.

We’re committed to event safety and recognize these new safety measures may be difficult to navigate. That’s why we’ve created Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events. This Playbook was developed in partnership with risk management and health experts at the Chertoff Group including Senior Advisor Dr. Jeff Runge, who was responsible for pandemic planning at the US Department of Homeland Security while serving as its chief medical officer. This work is also informed by published guidance provided by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Event organizers need to think about risks based on each event’s unique characteristics. Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events provides resources that will help you to:

  1. Understand the risks of COVID-19 transmission at your event and your role in identifying and managing those risks
  2. Identify potential transmission risks that may affect your event, understand opportunities to manage those risks, and make informed decisions about risk acceptance.
  3. Create a pre-event safety checklist addressing COVID-19 risks
  4. Communicate your safety policies and procedures to event staff and attendees, including each party’s critical role and responsibility in having a safe event

Eventbrite’s mission is to bring the world together through live experiences. Now more than ever, we understand the power of human connection. We created these resources to empower you to plan and execute safe, successful events, so we can gather together again.

See Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events. For additional resources, take a look at our COVID-19 resource page for event creators.

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