As a platform built for the purpose of bringing people together, Eventbrite firmly believes in the power of assembly. We ticket millions of events each year and work hard to support the ability for people to safely gather. 

Our Community Guidelines prohibit events, content, or creators that share or promote violence, illegal activity, and/or misinformation that may result in harm. The clear connection between false claims regarding the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election and real-world violence is indisputable. In light of the insurrection on January 6, we now consider events fueling false claims about the 2020 election to be a violation of our harmful misinformation policy. 

Our content moderation team continues to work tirelessly and thoughtfully through these turbulent times. They actively monitor our platform for content that violates our Community Guidelines and take action when appropriate. We welcome our community to also flag any concerning content via the Report this Event feature on the bottom of every event listing on Eventbrite. 

Any event, content or creator that seeks to impede democracy is not welcome on our platform. We remain vigilant and will continue to prioritize the swift removal of such events when we become aware of them. 

As part of Eventbrite’s ongoing commitment to democracy and civic engagement, we’ve also joined in a statement with our partners at the Civic Alliance calling for an orderly and peaceful transition of power. Through this partnership, we stand united with hundreds of other businesses and peer platforms at a critical moment for protecting the integrity of our electoral process and the functioning of our democratic institutions. 

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