When Eventbrite and Ticketfly came together in 2017, we set out on a bold mission: to bring together the best of both platforms into a new ticketing and marketing solution purpose-built for the independent live music community. The end goal? To help your independent business thrive, grow, and sell more tickets. Today, we’re doing exactly that with Eventbrite Music, our fully-integrated solution built specifically for independent music venues, promoters, and festivals.

Since launch, some the best independent venues, promoters, and festivals in the world have joined Eventbrite to make up our tight-knit, live music community and take advantage of the powerful built-in marketing tools. These tools have allowed our music clients to maximize their marketing efforts and reach new, bigger audiences on Eventbrite. Here’s a little context on how that happens with a few of our tools:

Eventbrite’s “Buy on Facebook” integration allows festivals, venues and promoters to effortlessly publish Eventbrite events to Facebook. These are published as Facebook Official Events, which matters because Facebook Official Events contain important details like date, time, and venue, and are more likely to show up in search and News Feed recommendations. The integration also allows fans to purchase a ticket without ever having to leave Facebook (also known as native checkout). This simple but powerful integration means reduced chances of drop off during the checkout process and more ticket sales overall. In comparison, Ticketfly offers a similar integration with Facebook that does not allow for native checkout, but utilizes a redirect link within Facebook Official Events.

Eventbrite’s website and mobile app is considered a destination marketplace where fans regularly find music events and more. If a fan is logged in, all event listings they see are personalized based on an algorithm that helps predict which events they’ll likely be most interested in. As a result, event listings may differ from fan to fan. We often recommend music events to food and drink fans on Eventbrite, helping to reach those incremental fans that wouldn’t otherwise be reached. Ticketfly also has regional event listing pages, the difference being that fans see a selection of upcoming, local events as opposed to a personalized feed.

Another tool that allows our music clients to maximize marketing efforts is our distribution partner network. At Eventbrite, we distribute music events across more than 50 partner sites and apps, including some familiar big players like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Bandsintown, and Songkick. Some of our partners — like Bandsintown, for example — feature native checkout, meaning fans can purchase a ticket without ever leaving the app and likely reducing drop off. Ticketfly’s Affiliate Network functions similarly to Eventbrite’s distribution partner network, but does not allow for fans to utilize native checkout.

With this context in mind, we decided to take a closer look at some specific examples of music clients who have made the switch to Eventbrite from Ticketfly, to evaluate how Eventbrite’s powerful marketing integrations were stacking up. We compared ticket sales from these marketing channels for the same time period on Ticketfly, and looked specifically at those sales generated from Eventbrite’s destination marketplace, as well as our integrations with Facebook and our distribution partners.

Here’s what we found:

A festival story

In 2018, a mid-size music festival based in Southern California moved to Eventbrite from Ticketfly to sell tickets for its fourth-annual music festival. By using Eventbrite, this festival was able to leverage our Facebook integration and sold 22x the number of tickets1 through “Buy on Facebook” for their 2018 festival.

In addition, relevant fans were able to discover this festival through Eventbrite’s personalized homepage and app listings, which generated 70% more tickets in 2018.2


A venue story

In June 2018, a mid-size music venue in Seattle joined Eventbrite from Ticketfly. In their first six months using Eventbrite, the venue sold 79% more tickets3 using Eventbrite’s “Buy on Facebook” integration.

In addition, relevant fans were able to discover the venue’s events through Eventbrite’s automated, personalized homepage and app feeds, which generated 54% more tickets than those generated during the same period in 2017 from Ticketfly’s homepage and app – that’s nearly 1,000 more tickets sold to fans through Eventbrite’s destination marketplace, even considering they held more events on Ticketfly during the same period.

The venue was also able to take advantage of Eventbrite’s distribution partner network, comprised of 50+ event sites like Bandsintown, Songkick, and Spotify that can help music clients reach a wider audience. By distributing their events through Eventbrite’s integration partners, the venue sold 40% more tickets on Eventbrite.4

A promoter story

In June 2018, a Washington D.C.-based music promoter came to Eventbrite from Ticketfly. Given the number of events they host each year, they were determined to reduce chances of drop-off during purchase and drive more ticket sales for their events. During their first six months using Eventbrite, this promoter used Eventbrite’s “Buy on Facebook” integration and were able to sell 75% more tickets3 through Facebook – that’s an increase of nearly 2K tickets sold through Facebook alone!

In addition, Eventbrite’s destination marketplace drove incremental demand for their events and in their first six months on Eventbrite, they sold 96% more tickets2 through Eventbrite’s automated, personalized homepage and app feeds. Eventbrite’s distribution partner network also helped this promoter drive more ticket sales, generating 78% more tickets than Ticketfly’s Affiliate Network during the same period in 2017.

These cases above are just a few examples of how Eventbrite’s marketing tools and integrations are positively impacting the way our music clients promote their events. Of course, we understand it takes more than a set of efficient marketing tools to run your business and we’re here to help. You can find out more about how we’re streamlining operations for music verticals across the globe and putting innovative event management in the palm of your hand at https://www.eventbrite.com/l/music/.


Compared to using Ticketfly’s Publish to Facebook tool for their 2017 festival.

Compared to sales generated through Ticketfly’s localized homepage and app during the same period in 2017.

3 Compared to using Ticketfly’s Publish to Facebook tool during the same six month period in 2017.

Compared to sales generated through Ticketfly’s Affiliate Network during the same six month period in 2017.

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