At the box office, time is money. Every minute a fan waits in line outside your venue is one minute they’re not spending at the bar, buying merch, or taking in an awesome show — so when you’re selling tickets at the door, you don’t have a second to waste. Our brand new box office sell flow, with a modular design to minimize page load times and unnecessary clicks, means more fans through your door in less time. 

Our new sell flow, rolling out now on iOS Organizer App v9.0 (coming soon on Android v9.0), maintains the functionality you’re used to but features a new, simpler interface.

It’s all designed to help transactions run more quickly and smoothly. Here are a few details we’re particularly excited about: 

Reserved Event Sections

Ticket types are now collapsed into expandable sections to declutter the home screen. Clicking on a ticket type will add it to your cart, and for reserved events, you can select your desired ticket(s) directly from the improved map. 


Ticket Count Selector

Increase ticket quantity in your cart by either tapping the blue “+” to the left of the ticket type or tapping into the ticket type and using the ticket count selector. 



Entering Promo Codes

Promos or comps can easily be applied by tapping “Promo” or “Comp” before adding tickets to your cart and entering the appropriate code.



Order Details

Order details for the tickets in your cart can be reviewed on the right side of your screen. From here, tickets can be removed or edited as needed.



Add Attendee Info

Tapping “Add customer info” above order details will pop up a module to add customer information for the buyer and/or all attendees in the party. You can easily click out of this module when you’re finished inputting information. 


Email & Print Options

Once the payment has been processed, you can email or print the tickets and receipt, which aligns with the default email/print options you’ve set in the Organizer App. 



We’re here  to help you put on kick-ass shows day in and day out. We hope these improvements to the Organizer App will make it easier for you to do just that by saving you time (and helping you make more money) at the box office.