Pride events are a celebration of the progress the LGBTQIA+ community has made, but also a time to recognize the distance we still have to go to achieve full equality. Ever since the Stonewall Riots, Pride has been transformative — it has changed public perceptions, brought communities together, and given megaphones to  marginalized voices. Every year, thousands of people create Pride events on Eventbrite, and thousands more attend events — ranging from LGBT Gaming Night in Berlin to the Stonewall 50th Anniversary Rally in New York City.  Pride is meaningful to Eventbrite because it’s meaningful to our community. 

Our community of attendees is also incredibly diverse in their interests — which is why we create Pride event calendars that spotlight inclusive and nonprofit events in cities like San Francisco, New York, LA, and London. Our goal is to support creators of smaller, intersectional, inclusive events that are happening around the world — along with the huge parades.

We also have the unique honor of highlighting ongoing LQBTQIA+ events in profiles — which encourage attendees to experience events outside of their day-to-day. This year we’ve celebrated the birth of new drag queens at the Juanita MORE!’s Powerblouse event in San Francisco, learned our queer history with Christopher Street Walking Tours in New York, and ushered in the next generation of performative activism with the Q Youth Foundation’s year-round events series.

Eventbrite creators also stepped up to  educate Pride participants and allies. San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society, the Bay Area Bisexual Network, the hyper-inclusive Hot Rabbit party group and Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New York told us how how allies can participate respectfully in queer events, at Pride and beyond.

Our employees are also celebrating Pride this month. Our LQBTQIA+ employee resource group, Pridelings, is celebrating Pride, by hosting (you guessed it!) a number of internal events for all Briteling employees — including a queer cardio/dance/aerobics class, and a Pride event featuring queer-owned  Bay Area restaurant Mission Pie, benefitting the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence.

Ultimately, the Pride events around the globe are a real, human display of what we stand for at Eventbrite: that bringing people together through live experiences can be joyful, transformational, celebratory, and educational.

Photo by Christel Robleto.

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