Live video tells rich, intimate stories, making event-goers feel like they’re part of the action — which is why Facebook Live has become a standout format for reaching all types of attendees. Since 2016, the Facebook Live team reported that the number of Facebook Live broadcasts has doubled and the daily watch time quadrupled.

It’s fair to say, if Facebook Live isn’t a part of your event promotion strategy, that strategy is out of date.

The keyword here is strategy. Ad hoc video captured live on your phone’s camera can sometimes result in some nice surprises. But it can also backfire. If you really want to move the needle on your events, you need to know what kind of live video works best for events.

No one knows more about Facebook Live for event promotion than the Facebook Live team. Here are five types of live content they say work particularly well for events.

Facebook Live idea #1: Build up excitement with exclusive announcements

“Can you guess which band we’ve added to the lineup? Tune in tomorrow to find out!”

You’ve seen countless announcements of this sort on Facebook, for good reason. The more anticipation and excitement you create around your event, the more tickets you’ll sell.

Use Live video as a way to pump up your audience with exclusive announcements about things like:

  • Revealing event or ticket-on-sale dates
  • Teasing artists
  • Unveiling guest speakers
  • Introducing new vendors or sponsors

Build even more anticipation by scheduling your Facebook Live broadcast in advance. Matt Labunka, Product Manager, Live & Co-Watching at Facebook, calls this: “a powerful trick to build buzz among viewers and train your audience to show up at a certain prescribed time.”

Facebook Live idea #2: Get “Live With” your speakers, artists, and other guests

“We’re live with our keynote speaker. Now’s your chance to suggest topics for her opening talk!”

During the lead-up to your event, live Q&A sessions help event-goers get to know performers, speakers, and special guests. If you’ve properly tagged your interviewees, your Live video reaches their followers, too.

The intimacy that Facebook Live lends is perfect for engaging all of these attendees. Invite them to interact with you and your special guest via real-time comments you react to live on air.

You don’t have to be physically in the same room as your special guest, either. As long as you’re both connecting via smartphones, you can use Facebook’s “Live With” feature to create a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

Facebook Live idea #3: Give an exclusive peek behind the curtain

“We’re backstage at Lightning in a Bottle, and the magic is about to happen.”

An intimate behind-the-scenes tour is a tantalizing prospect for curious event-goers. Whether it’s the bustle of action backstage or a glimpse into the inner workings of your event, this type of live video makes your audience feel in the know.

In fact, 87% of audiences say they’d watch online live video over traditional TV any day, just for the sake of more behind-the-scenes access.

The backstage tour might be part of your general social media marketing, or it could be a perk you offer certain people — for instance, your VIP ticket-holders. Within the Facebook Live settings, specify if you want to broadcast to only a certain group, like a private Facebook Group.

Facebook Live idea #4: Shine a spotlight on event-goers

“What are you most excited about doing today?”

Picture a late-night talk show host roving the streets interviewing random passers-by. Except in your case, the passers-by are event attendees eager to share their anticipation and excitement with the world. And instead of Jimmy Fallon, it’s your staff member holding the mic.

The objective is to give viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to be at your event. Ask questions likely to inspire positive responses, and enthusiastic interviewees will provide explicit endorsement of your event.

Facebook Live idea #5: Broadcast your performance or speakers live on Facebook

There’s a common myth that livestreaming erodes ticket sales. Not true. In fact, 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after watching a livestream of the event or a similar event.

Livestreamed video gives the viewer a fan’s-eye view of the event. As Labunka says, “It’s one thing to broadcast a concert, and producers have been doing that for years. It’s a brand new thing to make viewers feel like they’re in the moment.”

But if you’re going to broadcast your event, hold yourself to a higher standard than event-goers who might share shaky handheld footage of their own. Video quality is the most important factor for 67% of viewers when watching a livestream broadcast. Use professional software and camera and sound equipment — or at least stabilize your iPhone on a tripod.

Turn Facebook Live viewers into attendees

Nothing compels a ticket sale more than making a potential attendee feel right there. Broadcast Facebook live content designed to draw your fans right into the experience of being at your event.

Dive deeper into effective Facebook Live strategy with advice and best practices from the Facebook team in The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Live at Your Events.

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