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Eventbrite’s Zoom integration provides a faster, seamless virtual event experience for both event creators and their attendees.

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Create Unforgettable Experiences With Zoom Online Events

A vast majority of event creators told us that they prefer to host their virtual events on streaming technology platforms. That’s why we’ve re-optimized the Eventbrite + Zoom integration — to provide an even faster and more unified experience for both event creators and their virtual event attendees.

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Discover how organizations like Daybreaker have built a loyal community of followers from can’t-miss virtual events.

Start hosting virtual events featuring best-in-class Zoom video technology

Our enhanced integration with Zoom allows event creators to offer engaging and compelling interactive online experiences in a time in which remote-based events are growing exponentially.


Elevate the end-to-end hybrid virtual event experience for your guests

Provide a seamless experience for your attendees at every stage of your hybrid event, from online registration to the logistics of a livestream, and everything in between. Take a smarter approach to in-person experiences that are also livestreamed to virtual attendees — and watch as your audience blossoms.


Streamline your Zoom video set up and in-event management

Zoom virtual events hosted on the Eventbrite platform generate memorable online experiences for your attendees while helping you save valuable time and resources. So you can spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time creating meaningful virtual experiences.


View and analyze attendance data in real-time

Attendees are automatically checked in on Eventbrite if Zoom online events registrations are enabled with a purchased ticket. To see who checked in and to view ticket details, you can easily view your event reports in real-time. This reporting functionality across platforms allows you to make smarter decisions at a moment’s notice.

Eventbrite and Zoom are revolutionizing the future of online event experiences

The Eventbrite integration with Zoom provides a powerful, reliable, and seamless solution for virtual event creators like you to discover new revenue streams, unlock new online audiences, and keep your community engaged.

  • Changing the game with Eventbrite's new Zoom integration

    The new integration enables you to seamlessly create and edit Zoom virtual events directly within Eventbrite’s virtual events platform. Connecting your event to Zoom is 7x faster than before, requiring less than two seconds to load the module. 

    Our integration offers you a simplified experience and workflow, making it easier (and more seamless) to navigate the optimized configuration.




A virtual event platform that works with your budget

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Easy-to-use event technology for any budget

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A powerful solution to boost sales and grow your business

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Tailored partnerships for large and complex events

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Zoom events?

    Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that lets event creators host virtual events of all kinds. With powerful audio, video and collaboration features, the remote communication tool connects remote hosts and attendees with one another through a shared event experience.

    Zoom Events is a new all-in-one platform with the power to produce interactive and engaging virtual experiences by combining the scalability of Meetings, Chat, Social platforms like Facebook, and Video Webinars in one comprehensive solution for event organizers, with the ability to produce ticketed, live events for internal or external audiences of any size.

How does the new Eventbrite + Zoom integration improve my event planning and management?

    Faster load times: Connecting an Eventbrite event to Zoom is 7x faster than before. 

    Effortlessly manage Zoom from within Eventbrite:
     Creators no longer need to log into the app to make changes to a virtual meeting or webinar. They can make updates to an upcoming event directly from Eventbrite, and it will automatically populate in Zoom, and vice versa. This also helps ensure all attendees will receive the most updated meeting information via Eventbrite’s automated pre-event emails.

    Improved search:
     Event creators can now easily search for their different online events by username or event instead of scrolling through a single, long dropdown. 

    Manage multiple Zoom links per event:
     For events with multiple dates, creators can now include multiple links for different dates and times inside a single Eventbrite event, simplifying the way they manage recurring events. 

What are the benefits of the new Zoom app?

    Our new Zoom app is fully integrated with Eventbrite, which means a better experience for both you and your attendees. The app allows you to easily create an Eventbrite event that pulls in details from your virtual webinar or meeting, ticket information, and syncs registrants from Eventbrite back into Zoom.

How do I connect my virtual event to Zoom?

    You can easily link your virtual or hybrid event to Zoom with Eventbrite’s fully integrated app.

    When you connect, Eventbrite places your virtual meeting or webinar on your online event page.

    Simply go to “Online event page” and click “Connect Zoom” to get started.

    You can view the step-by-step process in our support article in the Eventbrite Help Center.

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