Online events aren’t just a temporary way to gather — our research shows they’re here to stay. In a survey, 71% of participants said they would continue to attend online events, even when COVID-19-related restrictions are lifted. Event creators have even been able to expand their audiences with online events, reaching more people globally.

Because of the many benefits of virtual experiences and the new normal of gathering online, we’re working to make Eventbrite’s online event offerings better than ever.

We know that providing a quality experience to your attendees is your top priority when hosting a live experience. That’s why we’re excited to announce new partnerships and a number of product improvements to our Online Events offering that not only make it easier for you to host and monetize virtual events, but more importantly, ensure your attendees are satisfied with the experience start to finish.

New, Deeper Partnerships with Best-In-Class Video Providers

The first step to hosting a virtual event is deciding which format is best for you. Luckily, Eventbrite has partnerships with two of the leaders in conferencing and livestreaming.

If you decide a meeting or webinar is best for you, choose Zoom. Our new Zoom app is fully integrated with Eventbrite, which means a better experience for both you and your attendees. The app allows you to easily create an Eventbrite event that pulls in details from your Zoom Webinar or Meeting and syncs registrants from Eventbrite back into Zoom. Learn more about connecting your online event to Zoom here

If streaming works best for your event and attendees, Vimeo is Eventbrite’s recommended streaming partner. You can gate access through passwords or embed permissions, simulcast to your website or social media, and use Vimeo’s many interactive features. Plus, as an Eventbrite creator, you’ll receive an exclusive discount when you sign up for Vimeo Premium. Learn more about creating a successful livestream with Vimeo and Eventbrite in their recent blog post

Both of these solutions combine the intuitive event setup and promotional tools you love from Eventbrite with the reliability and scale of best-in-class video providers to help you create engaging virtual events.

Improvements to Online Events Tools

Eventbrite’s Online Events offering allows you to deliver a memorable experience to your attendees while helping you save valuable time and resources, unlock new revenue streams, and expand your community with a broader online audience.

We’ve recently made a number of improvements to the way you create Online Events on Eventbrite and the way your attendees access your event:

  • Streamlined Online Event Page setup: The new Online Events flow now guides you through creating an online event, makes it easier for you to select the video partner of your choice and provides increased flexibility by allowing you to organize the modules on your page in any order. 
  • New attendee reminder emails: When you publish your online event, Eventbrite automatically queues up a series of three reminder emails: two days, two hours and 10 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin. As an improvement, you can now edit the content of these automated reminder emails sent to attendees and adjust when they are sent.
  • Improved flow for attendees to access events: No more frustration from attendees trying to find the link to your event: Reminder emails now send attendees directly to your Online Events Page, where they’ll be able to both login to Eventbrite and access the link to your webinar, meeting, or livestream.

Online events are bringing the world together in exciting ways. Now, Eventbrite’s Online Events improvements will make it easier than ever to create an experience attendees will love.

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