Even though we’re living through a global pandemic, people are hungry to connect, and they’re taking to Eventbrite to search for and discover a variety of events each week. We’re always intrigued by what we find. Here’s a look at what consumers across the U.S. searched for on Eventbrite last week (between Oct. 2  – Oct. 9):

Festivals let consumers be social while social distancing 

Before we dive into a long, cold winter season, consumers seem to be taking full advantage of their endless summers across the U.S. Searches for Festival related events were trending last week (8% of all U.S. searches on our platform), and there was no shortage of creative festival ideas to choose from. Aside from the obvious beer and wine festivals, we saw an uptick in country music festivals, fall fests, festival of lights, and even Dios de los Muertos festivals. Festivals across America are usually outdoors and have space for attendees to roam safely and social distance, so it makes sense why consumers are flocking to these types of events before hibernating for the winter. 

At a local level, Philadelphia was the most festive city with 13% of searches looking for festivals hosted on Eventbrite, and Los Angeles trailed behind at 4%. 

Halloween searches keep climbing 

The number of Halloween related searches on Eventbrite nearly doubled week over week, showing increased demand for a fun yet safe holiday coming up in three weeks. Locally, Chicago has kept its title as the top Halloween search hot spot compared to the other major cities we looked into. 

What are consumers across the U.S. searching for in addition to the traditional Halloween events like haunted houses and trick-or-treating? Not so traditional, yet relevant for the times zombie fun-runs / 5Ks showing that consumers are keeping the spooky spirit while also maintaining some social distance. 

Stay tuned for what next week will bring! 

Top Searches from Friday, October 2 to Friday, October 9

U.S. Overall

Halloween 21%
Festival 8%
Car Show 3%

New York

Halloween 16%
Comedy Show 4%
Oktoberfest 3%

Los Angeles

Halloween 24%
Festival 4%
Trump 3%


Halloween 27%
Sweetest Day 3%
Oktoberfest 3%


Halloween 16%
Festival 13%
Oktoberfest 5%

San Francisco

Halloween 19%
EDM / Silent Disco 4%
Debate Watch Party 2%

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