Event planning is a precarious business. So much can go wrong at any time — but when things go right, the feeling is unbeatable.

Any event professional knows that luck has no place in a successful event. It’s all about planning ahead, and planning smart. So it’s no surprise that the posts readers voted our “most helpful” of 2018 have a common theme: foolproofing your planning across event logistics, sponsorship and fundraising, marketing, and more.

Read these event planning blogs to make sure you start 2019 with a strong foundation.

1. 100 Unique Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work

If you think in-person fundraising events are obsolete — think again. Spruce up your events and raise more awareness for your cause with these 100 fundraising ideas, all organized by theme.

2. 5 Reasons Brands Want to Sponsor Your Event

“Your sponsorship opportunities should be presented as a win-win relationship,” says sponsorship expert Todd Uglow. Check out this post for his insights on the five key motivations for brands seeking sponsorship. Keep them in mind when you reach out to sponsors, and you’ll reach your 2019 sponsorship goals in a flash.

3. The Ultimate Event Checklist to Foolproof Your Planning

Whether it’s your first event or your hundredth, each event presents unique triumphs and challenges. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, consult this event checklist. Use it at any point of the event planning process to reduce stress and make sure no detail is forgotten.

4. The Top 6 Social Media Event Marketing Networks

When it comes to planning your social media event marketing, the most important step is choosing which networks you’ll focus on. It’s better to have a well-developed presence on a few networks than a few lackluster posts on every site.

The first step is to understand your event’s audience. Check out this post, part of our Event Marketing Course, to learn which network is best to reach your attendees.

5. How to Find (and Win) Sponsors for Your Event

Potential sponsors are hard to find – and even harder to convert. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. After all, you have something they want: the attention of their target audience.

Follow these five steps to find win over sponsors for your event and build long-lasting relationships that ensure sponsorships year after year.

Want a comprehensive guide to kickstart 2019? Check out The Event Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Productivity: 2019 Edition.

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