The stress of being an event creator can occasionally inspire some odd thoughts. Sometimes you catch yourself staring with jealousy at your pets, wishing you had the luxury to snooze for hours on end, interrupted by nothing more than a call for dinner you didn’t have to lift a finger to make. 

Sleep is a flighty and elusive concept for those who have to be “on” at all times. But as religiously as you prepare your nighttime tea and do your evening crossword, sometimes you still get that late night email that just…can’t…wait. And the next day, you pay.

Read on for the top 4 places and scenarios we imagine you’ve been caught out cold. 

Some hidden corner in your venue 

A cozy alcove. A green room couch. On top of a folding table? If it’s flat, you’re there. Tried-and-true venues are great for a disco nap, but your favorite spots are likely to have been discovered by other team members. When signing with a new venue, you may find your eyes drifting during the walk through, on the hunt for a new favorite place to catch a few minutes of peace and quiet. You wonder…”is that door really locked all the time?” 

Your favorite cafe 

It can be hard to resist a pop-in to your fave cafe during your work day. Just to grab a latte to go, of course. You plan to be out the door in a moment, back on schedule and with a little spring in your step from the caffeine. 

But you need a moment — to sit in your favorite chair (just for a second) and wait for your drink to cool a bit. What’s the harm in that? Besides, the sun on your face is oh so relaxing. You may as well close your eyes — just for one second!

The next thing you know, you’re in dreamland…

A Public Bus

Your noise-cancelling headphones are practically a professional expense considering how often they save you a headache. Still, no headphones on earth can save you from the semi-violent rocking of your city bus on the way to a late-afternoon meeting. 

If you’ve had a long day already, the sharp turns that normally have you clutching other passengers to keep from tumbling to the ground may be strangely comforting, like being on a long car ride as a kid. And, miracle of miracles, you actually got a seat today, one that hasn’t completely lost its cushion from the years (decades?) of butts that have sat upon it. Your stop is ten minutes away, long enough for a little cat nap. 

Or so you think, until you wake up at the end of the line with the contents of your bag rolling on the bus floor and your phone ringing off the hook.

During celebration drinks 

At last! Your event has concluded, and it went (mostly) perfectly. Good attendance, great feedback, and your sponsors were delighted. Time for a much-deserved celebration with the team. 

In all the excitement, you forgot that you haven’t eaten a full mean in six hours. Thankfully you stop yourself after one G&T, but that doesn’t prevent you from going into full REM sleep on top of your team’s scattered coats and backpacks on the lounge couch. But your team has your back, and when you get home safe and sound in the Lyft they called for you, your last thought before you tumble into bed with a smile is that you can’t wait to start the whole process again tomorrow. 

De-stress and rest easy 

Have you fallen asleep in a strange place while event planning? Comment below! And if you need some help de-stressing before your next event, check out this pre-event checklist.