To-do lists with their own to-do lists. Meetings that go overtime. Computer freezes from 50 open tabs. 

Arriving home from work in a state of frazzle is pretty standard for an event creator. However, when you finally set down your bag and change into your comfy clothes, you want to be able to look around your sunset-drenched home with a sense of calm, soaking in the order you don’t always feel during the work day. 

To make sure that your home space is a place of inspiration, not desperation, check out these 5 decoration tips.

A low-maintenance indoor plant

Succulents, Yucca plants, and ponytail palms are all great additions to a home when its owner doesn’t have time to stick to a religious watering schedule. All of these plants require little work and infrequent watering, so don’t stress — this won’t be like the basil plant incident (that we don’t talk about).

A cool wall calendar 

There are a lot of options for this, but a calendar with easy cleanup (like whiteboard or chalk) can help you look at your week or month from a bird’s eye view and adjust as needed with the swipe of an eraser. Try to keep work out of it and focus on scheduling fun activities for yourself. That way, you always know there is something low-key to look forward to after the day or week is over.

A pull-down projector screen 

Movie night is a classic wind-down activity, but what if you don’t feel like sitting in a room full of people to watch the new Avengers film? Watching TV on your laptop isn’t exactly special either. 

Upgrade your binge-watching sessions with a pull-down screen and a projector. With the lights off and the curtains pulled closed, it’s a fun little upgrade that will make movie night more special. It’s versatile, too. Invite a few people over for dinner and a movie — or invite just yourself and some takeout. 

Add a bed canopy

Look…we know its a little over the top, but when you fall into bed, it’s kinda nice to feel like a king, queen, or whatever fancy moniker you wish. During the work day, one of the biggest parts of being an event planner is being “on” and available at all times. So when you get home, a little dramatic moment of literally blocking out the outside world can be cathartic, even if your canopy is light and sheer. And if you live somewhere with bugs…well, who would ever dare say you weren’t good at completing two tasks in one?

Lean in to your passions at the salvage 

Are you a space freak? A pirate junkie? A Victorian fact machine? Maybe plastering your walls with ratty posters isn’t the move, but just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t lean in to your favorite nerd stuff in your decor. Go to your local salvage yard or vintage shop and sift around to find something that piques your interest. It doesn’t have to be a 10-foot paper-mache robot, but it can be an old sci-fi poster or record cover that you can get framed to add a little flavor to your home. It’s even better if you can get a group of similar items for cheap, like old hand mirrors that you can use to create an unexpected gallery wall. Unique and cost-efficient!

If looking at your spruced-up new pad isn’t enough to calm your nerves for event day, check out this pre-event checklist.