Mobile event apps have turned attendees into active participants and opened up previously unimaginable opportunities for your event and its sponsors. The data speaks for itself, too. Frost & Sullivan recently found that event technology can increase your attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20-30%.

Aside from the financial benefits, these modern marvels can answer the ultimate question: what do your attendees want?

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Looking at your mobile app data can be like looking into a crystal ball. The insight you gather can give you the ability to meet, and often exceed, your attendees’ expectations. Find out how to locate this data and use it to create a sell-out event agenda.

Gather insight from your mobile event app data

As your event draws near, attendees will start preparing to make the most out of their experience — bookmarking sessions, reading about speakers, and participating in discussions. With each interaction, your event app is gathering data. And that data can give you insight into which aspects of your event are most interesting to your attendees.

Consult your event app provider to locate these two reports:

Top content

As attendees bounce from one section of your event app to the next, this report is keeping score on which sections are most popular. This behavior reveals what interests your attendees the most about your event — which can often be unexpected.

For instance, let’s say there’s a panel of experts debating a controversial topic at your upcoming event. A quick look at this report might show a large number of users going to the panel description immediately after looking at the agenda. Once you’ve experienced that level of validation, you won’t remember agenda planning without it.

Top interests

Now that you know what interests your attendees the most about your event, you’ll want to dig into this report to find out why they’re interested.

As they actively participate in discussions and personalize their agenda in your event app, the “Top interest” report is tallying the top topics, hashtags, and phrases being used. These signals can tell you what attendees expect your keynote speaker to talk about and more. And in the unlikely event that a speaker had to pull out at the last minute, your attendees may be giving you their replacement wishlist — making it easier to deliver on their expectations.

Count active users, not installs

Downloads and installs can give you a false sense of security. If too few attendees actually use your event app, the statistical significance of your event data plummets.

Consider, for example, if 75% of attendees using the app said they’d gladly pay double the price for your event. But if there were only 187 active users out of 5,000 attendees, it’s unlikely you’d rush to increase registration fees.

Try one of these four ideas to encourage attendees to download and engage with your event’s mobile app.

  1. Include a link to download the event app on your event page.
  2. Encourage attendees to download the app through email and social media.
  3. Share content and spark discussion within the app.
  4. Offer an incentive for attendees who engage the most in the app.

Harness your event data

Your ability to understand and utilize your event data can determine the future of your event.

Thankfully, the adoption of online registration platforms and mobile event apps have provided you and your event staff with an abundance of data. Read Beyond Registration: Using Data to Supercharge Your Event and find out how a complex conference like yours can use event data to make crucial decisions that drive registrations.

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