One of the best things about really big events is that they tend to spark more big events. This weekend’s Super Bowl is a prime example. While only a select few (well, a select 100,000…) will actually be heading to the big game, DFW is going to be jam-packed with swank parties, A-list extravaganzas, and even top concerts.

You can meet Cowboy legends at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, or meet Diddy and Jermaine Dupri at The Official Diddy Super Bowl Kick Off Bash. Jamie Foxx and friends promise you the best night of your life, and alternative hip-hop crew LMFAO pledge to make you ROTFL (or at least dance) at Friday’s Party Rock Bowl.

So whether you’re headed to the game or just planning to be in town, a football nut or not down with fourth downs, there’s bound to be a bash or three for you. Check out our full list of super bowl parties, share it with your friends, and find your favorites while tickets are still available!

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