Your guide to great iPad events

Apple’s hotly anticipated iPad finally releases tomorrow (been counting the days?) and in its honor, we thought we’d compile a list of iPad-related events happening in the coming weeks and months. So check out the awesome demos, camps and workshops below, and sign up for one in your area. And after you do, go stake out your place in line!

Drinks on Tap #4—iPad Edition, Boston iPhone Developers Drinks and Demos

iPad: The Preview—Vancouver

4/16–17—Washington D.C.
iPadDevCamp DC

4/16–18—San Jose

iPadDevCamp NYC

LA iPhone/iPad Developer Special Ops Advanced Class

NYC iPhone/iPad Developer Special Ops Advanced Class

Chicago iPhone/iPad Developer Special Ops Advanced Class

iPadDevCamp Chicago

6/28—San Francisco
iPad Game Summit

10/11–13—London, U.K.
Handheld Learning Festival & Conference 2010


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  • Somebody wanted to hitchhike on all the iPad overhype and create a little press (i.e. increase donations).

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