Last year, we shared some detailed information about Eventbrite’s growth in 2010.

This year, we’re stepping up our game. The Eventbrite design team has created a dazzling microsite that captures our even-more-thrilling growth in 2011. You’ll see that the number of events on our platform doubled (from 222,353 posted in 2010 to 458,207 in 2011). And the number of tickets sold doubled, too (from 11,004,743 in 2010 to 20,798,509 in 2011).

So thank you! We feel incredibly lucky to be expanding the Eventbrite community—every mud run, charity gala, tech conference, fashion show and neighborhood block party makes us all briter.

Check out our Year in Review by clicking the image above, and thanks for coming by!

Editor’s Note: This cartoon blog editor is alarmingly accurate, right down to the socks! Thanks to the Eventbrite design team for this awesome post. Let us know your thoughts in the comments after you check out the whole thing! ^TPF

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