Poems in Chicago / From a Foundation’s new space / Let’s go together!

Yes, friends, that is an event haiku. We’re launching a haiku contest for our followers on Twitter to celebrate the Chicago Poetry Foundation opening their gorgeous new space in River North.

Throughout the next few days, we’ll provide a haiku prompt to showcase our community’s creativity. As a reminder, the haiku is composed of 17 sound units and divided into three parts, one line with five syllables, one with seven syllables, and the final line with five syllables again.

Today’s prompt is, what do you love most about events?

@eventbrite Time to party plan / What’s most important to you? / Food, décor or drink? #EB575

Please submit your embarrassing party haiku to our handle on Twitter, using the hashtag #EB575. Stay tuned for future prompts for new reasons to write. We will then interview the winner (or winners, if it is too hard to decide!) in a future blog post about their story.

Also, if you’re in town next weekend, please check out some of the free readings going on at the new Poetry Foundation Building. All of the events can be found here.

Want to know our news? / Follow Eventbrite, Facebook / (or Twitter!) will do.

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