Soccer’s World Cup, which kicks off next Friday in South Africa, is famous for bringing diverse groups together around a shared experience. That’s certainly something we can get behind at Eventbrite, with our belief in the unique, connective power of great events! So it’s only fitting that we’re seeing our eventholders create a ton of gatherings around the World Cup experience. We’ve got viewing parties (held everywhere from small pubs to arenas), cross-cultural events that showcase the traditions of the competing countries, and even a “World Cup wine tasting” in NYC. Check out some of our favorites below!

World Cup 2010 Festival in Soldier Field

World Football House

England vs. USA at the British-American Business Council

World Cup Wine Tasting (+ other “Play Beautiful” events in NYC)

World Cup at Victory Brewing Company

Philippine Independence Day World Cup

France vs. Mexico—Game and Buffet

England vs. Algeria—Rhodes World Cup Screening

Houston World Cup “Doubleheader”—Game and Networking

We hope you enjoy the games and these awesome events!

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