Twitter has its own language. This year, unfollow and retweet were added to the AP stylebook. Crazy, right? Twitter has created a social movement and, as Mashable reported a couple of weeks ago, more than 200 million tweets are sent every day.

So what is this hashtag (#) thing?

That’s the question I get most from my friends. Why do people use it? Is it just a way to emphasize what you are trying to say? Why the heck do people use it on Facebook?

Let’s break down this hashtag thing as simply as possible.

Think of a hashtag as a public group within Twitter. Using the hashtag followed by a word or combination of words and symbols will link to a page displaying all other tweets that include that same hashtag.

Even more simply put. If I tweet “@Kingjames is #overrated”, you can now click #overrated and see everyone else who tweeted #overrated.

Twitter hashtags are not, ironically enough, #overrated.

This is helpful on many different levels. It is an easy way to become involved with a topic and direct viewers to a specific conversation.

Hashtags are important to implement for events.

Giving your event a unique hashtag allows all who are in attendance to easily share with others about the event. A great example of this is #coachellalive. Coachella music festival, teaming up with 5 Gum, broadcasted its music festival live over YouTube all weekend. Developing and promoting the #coachellalive hashtag allowed all the viewers to discuss what was going on in real time. An attendee or viewer could follow that hashtag to see who was playing next and other cool Coachella news.

Check out a recent blog post from Twitter about how hashtags can keep you up-t0-date with world events.

Track who is using your hashtag and interacting with your personal brand or business using Twitter’s search function or Twitter apps, such as TweetDeck.

So why do people throw hashtags in their Facebook status updates?

As something in pop culture grows, it spreads to different platforms. As of now a hashtag on Facebook has no true value (though Facebook now includes hashtag phrases in search, including in Facebook ads). As an event organizer, however, you can promote your unique hashtag on Facebook or other social platforms to spread the word.

Hashtags are awesome marketing tools for your event or brand. Go ahead and create one for your next get-together and promote it. See if you get more people interacting with your event and with each other!

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