The strategies to engage attendees, increase registrations and get the most from your event aren’t what they used to be. So, instead of fighting it, go with it. Learn from industry experts at Eventbrite and Pathable what the magic formula is to engage your attendees and drive more registrations.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find attendees online and utilize social media tools to connect with them prior to event registration
  • Keep the conversation flowing during your event and maintain a fun, interesting and relevant attendee experience
  • Leverage post-event engagement and drive attendance for next year
  • Keep your social media and marketing strategy targeted and efficient

Webinar Presenters:

•Tamara Mendelsohn
VP of Marketing, Eventbrite, Inc.

•Jordan Schwartz
CEO, Pathable Inc.

•Tara Barnes
Marketing Manager, Pathable Inc.

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